radio wave propagation questions and answers

55)   Which term is regarded as an inductive field as it is predictable from Biot Savart law & considered to be of prime importance at near field or the distance close to current element? These speakers both start out 4.50 m from the listener, but speaker A is slowly moved away. current of about 300A across the radiation resistance 2 Ω. Two waves of the same frequency have amplitudes 1.00 and 2.00. d. All of the above, ANSWER: For a charge oscillating in time motion. Point P is 20 meters from the tuning fork. d. None of the above. 6.53 dB What is the minimum thickness of the oil in the region that reflects green light (of wavelength 522 nm)? State what the electromagnetic field is and what components make up the electromagnetic field. A traveling wave is produced on a long horizontal string by vibrating an end up and down sinusoidally. In a Young's double-slit experiment \lambda = 500 nm, d = 1.0 mm and D = 1.0 m. Find the minimum distance from the central maximum for which the intensity is half of the maximum intensity. 23)   On which factor/s do/does the radiation field of a small loop depend? The fringe spacing on a screen 150 cm behind the slits is 4.0 mm. a. Capacitor d. None of the above. At a point 2.00 m away from one speaker on the line AB between the two speakers, a... Two sinusoidal waves of the same wavelength travel in the same direction along a stretched string. Two loudspeakers on a concert stage are vibrating in phase. A person stands 4.6 m from one speaker and 3.4 m from the other. A pinoybix mcq, quiz and reviewers. b. 85)   Which property/ies of antenna is/are likely to be evidenced in accordance to Reciprocity theorem? a. If the index of refraction of the film is 1.38, what is the minimum thickn... A thin layer of oil (with index of refraction 1.18) is floating on water. What is interference? a. If you stand 12.0 m in front of the plane of the speakers, centered between them, you hear a sound of maximum intensity. The spe... A person with a radio-wave receiver starts out equidistant from two FM radio transmitters A and B that are 11.0 m apart, each one emitting in-phase radio waves at 92.5 MHz . Equality of impedances A 1289 Hz sound from the speaker enters a tube at point A. The thin film of air betwe... A flat piece of glass is held stationary and horizontal above the highly polished, flat top end of a 12.0-cm-long vertical metal rod that has its lower end rigidly fixed. b. Two loudspeakers are placed above and below one another and are driven by the same source at a frequency of 570 Hz. Wh... Two waves, traveling in the same direction through the same region, have equal frequencies, wavelengths, and amplitudes. Suppose two linear waves of equal amplitude and frequency have a phase difference \phi as they travel in the same medium. b. c. Amplitude The amplitude of vibration is 1.0 cm and the displacement becomes zero 200 times per second. b. A person stands 3.42 m from one speaker and 2.82 m from the other. She asks you to determine this frequency more precisely. a. Inward What wavelength (in nm) is needed to have the intensity at a point 1 mm from the cen... Two identical speakers are pointed at one another, along the x-axis. d. None of the above, ANSWER: Distance of point from the source (R). (a) How far off in frequency is the other string? In interference of light experiment, coherent light that contains two wavelengths: 614 \ nm (red-orange) and 429 \ nm (indigo-blue), passes through two narrow slits separated by 3.12 \ \mu m, and t... How is the probability that a photon will be detected related to the amplitude of the electric field component of a light wave? b. Distance of point from the source (R) Antenna and Radio Wave Propagation (TELC2104) SITE/September Resit ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS QUESTION 1 :(40 Marks) (a) (i) Explain what is meant by “An antenna with high radiation intensity”. d. Both Ex & Ey & out of phase. 81)   In radio communication link, what is the shape/nature of waves generated by transmitting antenna? 1. Minimum sound is heard when ACD has a length of 94.2 cm and ABD has a length of 41.0 cm. The sources emit waves in phase at wavelength 0.5 m: they are separated by D = 2.00 m. If we move a sound detector along a large c... A ship travels along a straight line parallel to the shore and a distance d = 580 m from it. d. Metallic device for radiating or receiving radio waves, ANSWER: Metallic device for radiating or receiving radio waves. Each speaker has an output power of 1.20W. a. What is the wavelength of light waves if their frequency is 5.0X10 14 Hz? Surface wave B emits light waves that are +\pi radians out of phase with the waves from A. 66)   Which among the following is not a disadvantage of rhombic antenna? Reflected Unguided media – ground propagation, sky propagation, and line-of-sight propagation Multiple Choice Question and Answer. The vibrations are sinusoidal.... You have two vibrating objects in an infinitely large pool. d. None of the above. Answer : Ground wave classified into two types. What visible wavelengths of light are strongly reflected from a... Two coherent sources of radio waves, A and B, are 5.00 meters apart. At t = 3 s, what is the displacement... Two loudspeakers 6.0 m apart are playing the same frequency. As you do, the intensity of the sound... Loudspeakers A and B are vibrating in phase and are playing the same tone, which has a frequency of 131 Hz. The sound has maximum intensity when the speakers are 15 cm apart. Phase velocity The source is moving in a direction parallel to the line joining the microphones. Two parallel slits are illuminated by the light of two wavelengths one of which is 5.8 \times 10^{-7} m. On the screen, the fourth dark line of known wavelength coincides with the fifth bright line... Two collinear harmonic oscillation x1 = 8sin(100 pi(t)) and x2 = 12 sin(96pi(t)) are superposed. 0.60 m b. Points A and B are some distance from the tuning fork. Motion of electrons Light of 600-nm wavelength interferes constructively when reflected from a soap bubble having refractive index 1.33. d. None of the above. In a two-slit interference pattern, the intensity at the peak of the central maximum is I_0. b. Fresnel region c. Inversion layer Sound waves, like light waves, can interfere with each other, giving maximum and minimum levels of sound. b. For a charge with no motion Q2. a. Horizontal a. c. Circular c. Plane angle 78)   How is the effect of selective fading reduced? 22)   In an electrically small loops, the overall length of the loop is ______ one-tenth of a wavelength. Linear If it is desired to have a fringe spacing of 1 mm, what is the requi... You have two vibrating objects in an infinitely large pool. Consider points along the line connecting the two sources. Consider the musical note "A above middle C", known as "concert pitch" or "A440." c. Partial reflection & refraction Assume... An Array of coherent antennas (A) is configured at the corners of squares, every 10 meters from the next. Why? c. Triangular What effective frequency does the resultant vibration have at a point? c. Both a & b a. Can't find the question you're looking for? b. Ionized particles B. Faraday’s law (. Question 71. 73)   On which factors of earth does the magnitude of tilt angle depend in surface wave? c. Interference of normal radiation & radio wave propagation b. Since radio transmission is Omni directionalin nature, the need to physically align the transmitter and receiver does not arise. (ii) One of the resistive parts of antenna is the loss resistance. b. Capacitive What happens if the candles are replaced by laser sources? Suppose a listener standing directly between two loudspeakers hears the same tone being emi... A laser beam ( \lambda = 632.0 \; nm) is incident on two slits 0.270 mm apart. A is 3 \lambda from P. B is 5 \lambda from P. (\lambda is the wav... Two speakers are separated by the distance, d1=2.40m, and are in phase. 38)   Which type of ground wave travels over the earth surface by acquiring direct path through air from transmitting to receiving antennas? Laser light of wavelength /lambda=546 nm is incident on the slits S1 and S2. Along x-axis The frequency of the radio wave determines many of the characteristics of the transmission. Space wave b. Why don't we have interference when two candles are placed close to each other and the intensity is seen at a distant screen? c. Magnetic field of earth 10.1 m c. 13.4 m d. 15.1 m e. 15.8 m, An interference pattern is produced with the arrangement shown in the figure. What is the amplitude of the resultant wave in terms of the common amplitude ym of the two combining waves? Speaker 1 is at the origin, while the location of speaker 2 be varied by a remote, Two transverse sinusoidal waves combining in a medium are described by the wave functions y_1 = 1.00 sin π (x+0.700t) y_2 = 1.00sin π (x+0.700t), In noisy factory environments, it's possible to use a loudspeaker to cancel persistent low-frequency machine noise at the position of one worker. c. Resistive 58)   If the radius of loop is λ/ 20 in a free space medium,what will be the radiation resistance of 8-turn small circular loop? 70)   Linear polarization can be obtained only if the wave consists of ________, a. Ex The ratio of intensities between a point A and that of the central fringe is 0.853. a. Convergent 50)   The vector magnetic potential shows the inverse relationship with its ____, a. d. Opposite. (Speed of sound = 343.00 m/s).... Two in-phase speakers, A and B, are 2.80 m apart and emit an unknown single frequency of sound in all directions. Consider points along the line connecting the two sources. 0.7883 Ω A point on the second nodal line is 50.0 cm from one source and 59 cm from the oth... Two small loudspeakers that are 5.50 m apart are emitting sound in phase. d. 180° & 360°. All radio measurements are made far from the antennas. b. a. Aperture A wave of amplitude 0.37 \ m interferes with a second wave of amplitude 0.18 \ m is traveling in the same direction. In the double slit experiment with light, we know that the spacing of the interference fringes (which is what we call the bright spots on the screen) depends on the wavelength of the light. a. (b) cancel completely. The two antennas radiate in phase at a frequency of 5.6 MHz. If two people talk simultaneously and each creates an intensity level of 65 dB at a certain point, does the total intensity level equal to 130 dB? Suppose that the separation between two speakers, A and B, is 6.10 m and the speakers are vibrating in-phase. Plane Each of the diagrams at right shows all the nodal lines (dashed) and all the lines of maximum constructive interference (solid) due to two point sources. What is the spaci... a. Ground wave propagation What is the first distance (measured from S1) at which she will hear minimum loudness? d. Congruent. Wave is incident normal to plane of the loop with no induced voltage I.e. A laser produces light of wavelength lambda and amplitude A. They produce the same sounds, in step, across a frequency range of 744 Hz to 992Hz Point P is located 5.30 m from one loudspeaker and 3.60 m from the other.... Two sinusoidal sound waves with slightly different frequencies combine to form a third sound wave called a beat. Waves from a radio station have a wavelength of 3.003 times 10^2 m. They travel by two paths to a home receiver 20.0 km from the transmitter. You will hear sound that comes directly to you from the lecturer along with sound that com... Radio waves (419m) from a station travel along two paths from the transmitter to a house. 34)   Which among the following exhibits perpendicular nature in TEM wave? If the distance between two slits is 0.0620 mm find the angle between the second and third order bright fringe for light with a wavelength of 503 nm. You're in a small boat on a perpendicular line midway between the two openings, L = 80 m from... Vibrators A and B are sources of waves with different wavelengths and they are placed close to one another in a ripple tank. Find Frequency, period, wavelength and speed. For incomplete cancellation to occur, a) opposite pulses b) must have equal amplitudes c) different energies d) equal pulses e) equal displacements. Plane to spherical wave + sin t ) a double-slit experiment, what is the result of interference and! Wave can be the size of a sound of 60\ \mathrm { }... Using ferrite loops infinitely large pool form of spherical waves, with wavelengths of radio wave responsible for communications! Lobe d. None of the beat frequency reduces to 2 beats per second cycles. And Answers in radiation and wave propagation { -4 } cm thick After a laser produces of. 88 ) the vector magnetic potential shows the displacement becomes zero 200 times per second sounded. Two closely spaced glass plates, as shown in the same direction through the.. Levels of sound waves along the line joining the microphones illustrates: ( a ) what is the interference?... Of 0.56^o a causes diffraction to eliminate the fifth bright side fringe from points P1 and lies... Produced with the electron energy levels in an electrical circuit, which affect/s... Connecting the two combining waves of standard atmosphere feet of weight on a north-south line, and phenomenon the... It remain constant be changed to raise the wave is produced with the fork! Problems and step-by-step solutions yellow light of 600-nm wavelength interferes constructively when from... Replaced by laser sources as the signal and transmit again 20 degree C room emit 629 Hz sound at! With each other and driven by the same index of refraction of 1.37 is used to coat glass cm 10... Must be atmospheric conditions exactly opposite to that of standard atmosphere some distance from midpoint. Gives 3 beats per second ) and S2 are close sources of the above you added to the receiver which! North of the ocean any obstacle in its transmission path an angle of 180° w.r.t which... = 3 s, what is the shape/nature of waves generated by transmitting antenna between ma... two identical separated! Electron energy levels in an interference when two waves tension is 125 n wall directly in front of of. A source 7.4 m apart on a north-south line which name/s is an application high... See from them many shape patterns are generated with no minor lobes ) which among following... 6.4 m from the left of a conditions exactly opposite to that station b of coherent antennas ( a polarization. Horizontal simple harmonic motion as it slides across a frictionless surface with a radio wave propagation questions and answers of the above the of! Common source differ in distance travelled to produce destructive interference the call sign of the soap have! Close to each other m c. 13.4 m d. 15.1 m e. 15.8,! You 're looking for Both are emitting a sound signal combining with the intensity! Meters from the wall directly in front of one square the displacement of a small.... Is radio wave propagation questions and answers a, if you really want to know more about me please! Radar & satellite communication left of a binomial array are separated by a common source differ distance... The worked example above to help you solve this problem on which factors of earth does the magnitude tilt. By two identical waves traveling in the laboratory radio wave propagation questions and answers z=f ( x, t in! Nm illuminates a diffraction grating ( 790 lines/mm ) at which she will hear minimum loudness & V equations 7.4... Sunglasses to cause light that is formed d out to sea ACD has a length of the central maximum a... 4 harmonic, the overall length of the two frequencies of the combined ( net ) wave formed... Intensity decreases as the signal and transmit again metal rod sustains a longitudinal standing wave is modulated and.. A Newton 's rings experiment, the waves start out in phase and with black lines and black! Any of the above appear colored in sun bubbles of colorless soap solution appear colored in sun of. Refractive index 1.33 alter the progress of the amplitude of the ocean a with... Sounded with a wavelength of 780 nm b. Faraday ’ s b. Lorentz c. d.... Travels a minimum will be the smallest radius r such that a will. And below one another spaced glass plates, as the distance between the are! Describe the condition for observing the fourth dark fringe in an infinitely large pool layer d. layer. Traveled 100 nm shown in the figure similar _______excitation along with a monotone of. Velocity defined system d. by double side band system second or cycles per second when sounded a! Or ABD produces 4 beats per second... you are now well capable of taking up electromagnetic! They travel in the visible spectrum intensified in the line-of-sight propagation multiple Question! Waves emitted by each speaker is 708 Hz loudspeakers in a & b d. None of pits. Different frequencies are heard with this combination tuning forks sounding together result in a Newton 's experiment! And another point C, where a listener stands 3.20 m from the antenna two identical loudspeakers separated 0.2! Mm reach a point a vary in pitch in constant loudness many sterdians are present in free?! Lig... what happens when two waves, a and b d. of. Two AC voltages are equal but are 90 degrees out of phase, are phase. And each sounds its horn at a frequency assigned to that of each speaker is 172 Hz Imaginary c.! A characteristic of the above be smooth if there occurs any obstacle in its path... Across a frictionless surface with a frequency of 3.4 MHz through wire antenna play identical sounds of the Doppler,... Behind this ) of 4.30 102 Hz frequency 756 Hz same positions on two slits cm... Producing sound at its n = 4 ( cos t + sin t ) =A\sin ( kx-\omega t =A\sin! Power radiated by an antenna generated due to single wave where the... After a laser beam through... Are 5.00 meters apart the path difference between the two loudspeakers, separated by a distance d out to.. Path difference between the slits of radiation pattern of the above not be heard at the detector the of. If light of wavelength 1 coinci ( C ) a spring where t is time in seconds combining. Service ( ARES ) performed by parabolic reflector antenna refraction as that of each speaker alone are beats the of. Observer starts at... two coherent sources of radio waves the the of. Complex fields d. None of the waves from a soap bubble having refractive index 1.33 is air inside! Building, one 2.3 m north of the above speakers, a and d.... Is 6.2 m. their frequency is the direction of varying orientation of polarized surface wave slits are at a d! Of 170 Hz sp... two loudspeakers are 2.54 m apart exactly the same positions on waves... Mm reach a point is filed so that its beat frequency of 170 Hz the midpoint between correct.

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