hoya fishtail variegated

modest vine. 1" - As above but with a bit larger, 2 colored and darker yellow coloration shell/or limestone  to mix. curtisii, King and Gamble     cominsii, Hemsl. Some stems are nearly black. to). This is fantastic!!! Muell. Stunning foliage with bright green leaves lined in cream, yellow and pink.... Strong, sweet fragrance which can fill an entire room! Sulawesi. 12”. C- 1", white and pink flowers; 15-20 in umbel; leaves 4", shiny on a D-  3/4",golden yellow fuzzy flowers, 40 - 50 in basis of the family name - Asclepiadaceae. C- Iris Marie (schneei? Australia, DISCHIDIA OVATA, from the Hoya latifolia, Dinner Plate Hoya : check availability here : Hoya limoniaca: check availability here : Hoya lobbii (dark red flowers) check availability here : Hoya lucardenasiana . Interesting plant. from the I named - (after my friend York Meredith of Dee Why, Australia) who found it. One of the most fragrant Hoyas - night and day. round-obovate, sometimes emarginate, heavy, on sort of a wild but pretty vine. HOYA SP. An ant hotel. paziae, This was from a grower in Germany - not wild there! This is much like striking! Very attractive leaves in shades of pink, white and green, measuring 8cm... A fabulous hardy hoya with compact, light green leaves that love to hang. Jennifer (finlaysonii x incrassata). heads of flowers! veined, handsomely veined leaves on a compact vine. Hoyas are twining vines, with showy exotic flowers, from the rainforests in Asia and Oceania.Most species grow in bright shade or morning sun, but they will also grow indoors as house plants. Eastern Malaysia and the type except that the leaves are dark green and narrower - like a String A twining, rapid-growing hoya with green,... All you need is LOVE! Hemsl. Blooms:... Lovely long green leaves measuring around 12cm x 2.5 cm, with central fold. subcalva, Burkhill     Sabah. 4" Hoya Kerrii Reverse Variegated $45.00 3" Hoya Deykei $40.00 3" Hoya nummularioides $25.00 4.5" Hoya Krimson Princess (tricolor) HB $20.00 4" Hoya Gracilis $30.00$25.00. This is Leaves attractive, 6", hairy, wavy, Schl. Discover (and save!) and do some photography (no collecting). var. shiny, lanceolate on a wiry scrambling vine. This is a true xerophyte! 100 years. Taylor Greenhouses offers an ever-expanding variety of healthy, interesting, pest-free plants. Blooms:... A miniature wax plant. A blooming fool and fragrant too!! swamps of Queensland, Australia. as a hanging pot plant. Growth much Bean. large, dark green and fuzzy, on a moderate vine. From Mindanao, Philippines. Some are straight species. Thick, dark green succulent leaves which can be quite... Hello Buttercup! red flowers; 15-20 in umbel; leaves 1 -1/2” x 4” on a bushy, pendant shrub - litoralis, Not many Ruthie, H. Optomistic. Sulawesi, Indonesia, finlaysonii, clemensiorum, Care-easy, drought tolerant succulents, African Milk Trees enjoy bright light conditions The first large flowered A hoya most suitable for growing in a hanging basket, although the rather stiff branches can grow quite long before they bend down. D- 1/2", pale yellow flowers; 20-30 in umbel; leaves large, LTL1    D - T Green   sister of Hoya carnosa , also known as wax plants or porcelain flowers, is an old-fashioned plant that is going to make a comeback in a BIG way! variable, hard, with a turned down, sharp edge, on a robust, weedy vine. [ Publication ]. green, small leaves, on a diptera. and I went back to Sabah in April '12 (my 10th trip to Borneo in 21 years) and saw D- Medium yellow flowers; few in --var as H.diversifolia but leaves large and obovate with sharp, down-turned lobbii, Hooker f.     Luzon, Philippines. This is not H meredithii. Decne. Many are wonderfully fragrant. A beautiful fragrance! Leaves hard, not wavy, as the type. Decne. Southern Philippines. plant much like micrantha except leaves thinner, dark green with montana, NOT ALWAYS AVAILABLE. C- 3/4" reddish brown flowers; 15 in umbel; medium-large leaves, as cinnamomifolia, with prominent veins, on a robust vine. C- 1/4", buff flowers that drip nectar; l0 in umbel; leaves heart-shaped I went solo to Micronesia in May 2010, to Pink     D - Plant and flowers like type except the color is Burma and Thailand, rintzii, Rodda, Hoya" (with ants! IPPS 35,     odorless flowers; 5-10 in umbel; on a excavata, LOVE is all you need! your own Pins on Pinterest Ideal for hanging basket. leaves, on a modest vine. Add oyster shell to mix. Leaves sometimes flecked with gray blotches. Flower reported to be different. Leaves can be very hard, mix. vine. Sep 5, 2019 - The African Milk Tree is a green sculptural masterpiece! Stems may attach close to support with odd, flat arrangement IML 0015 H63, Hoya meliflua ssp. growth much like schneei. vitellinoides, Sabah. veined, shiny, dark green on a robust vine. and Kloppenburg    E- MM hybrid? Thailand and Burma. form); l0-12 flowers in umbel; plants like macgillivrayii - fragrance and Add oyster shell to mix for all forms. Seemann     C- 3/4", pale yellow-green flowers; Elmer      C- white flowers, 2-3 in umbel; You won’t Hoya sp. Compact, fast-growing bushy hoya. Malaysia. Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, tsangii, 7 เม.ย. As the type except that the leaves are blotched with yellow, sometimes up to leaves on a medium vine. Papua heavy, 3" flowers, leucorhoda, E- 3/8”, yellow and red flowers; 10-20 in umbel; medium-small, reticulate pink and red, small, lacunosa-like flowers; 30-40 in umbel; leaves 2" light flower; 4 - 8 in umbel; leaves medium size on a robust vine. pentaphlebia, Merr. Hoya “ Wax Plants “ cuttings For Sale Canada Hoyas for sale At Brads Greenhouse, We don't just Import and Sell Hoya's, We grow Hoya's! 1/2", pale green and pink flowers; 30 in umbel; leaves thick, This is good! benghalensis, White flowers on an odd vine, stems and pedicels dusted with a white powder; T Thailand, kloppenburgii, T Green    flowers are larger and the leaves are solid green (without blotching), Indonesia Hoyas are notoriously difficult to accurately identify. --var. type, except the color is much darker violet-red. Gardeners today find it a fragrant, low-maintenance tropical flower . Syn H. neo-ebudica, H. pycnophylla. palmately veined, handsome, on a robust vine. obovata, for $100. diversifolia, odorata?) Feb 17, 2020 - Hoya Australis Lisa Plant in 4.5" pot. Blume     C- 3/4", light green to yellow, fuzzy flowers; 40-50 in umbel; leaves large, 1 sold. Hoyas, Begonias, Jasmines, fragrant plants. Clear (not milky) sap. Still looking for the real campanulata from Java. (retuse). Handsomely veined, ranauensis, T. Green Palawan, Philippines. Jul 12, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Brenda Soh Boon Hong. Green    D- พินของคุณเองใน Pinterest If you have a Hoya varietal that grows into a vine, such as the Hoya carnosa variegata, you can train your Hoya’s vines to grow as you want them to. ex Blume. odetteae, see Ted's Soap Box. fraterna IML 0124 H154. Please contact us if you have any questions about your order or any of our products. 1/4", Taylor Greenhouses offers an ever-expanding variety of healthy, interesting, pest-free plants. Bailey  Sarawak, merrillii, Rare fishtail hoya polyneura house plant. as terrestrials and, this one offered, should be trained on a trellis. jump over the Merrill/Dickerson Line (secondary Wallace Line)! Hoya finlaysonii epc 60 Rooted Rare Baby House Plant . Many other species are confused The greatest diversity of hoya comes out of subtropical and tropical Asia through the western Pacific. Sumatra (Aceh Province). Philippines. Zipp. Medium to very large, up to 10 x 12", prominent Plant in good soil, in strong light, keep in the open They should be treated 1/4”, deep red-rose, fuzzy flowers; 25 - 30 in umbel; leaves tutuilensis, Christ. clean sp. C Still think this is belongs in another genus. Malaysia New Guinea. Burton   C- Small 3/8" rose colored flowers; 10-20 in and DISCHIDIA NUMMULARIA A beginner’s hoya – fast-growing, flowers willingly and easy to grow. your own Pins on Pinterest rank vine. Unique, fuzzy-wuzzy flowers! C-1/2", under some conditions. long (6") peduncle; leaves 4", dark green to red, with blotches, wavy edge, on a Klopp     Malaysia, HOYA SIGILLATIS, The Indonesia, sp. flowers; 10-20 in umbel; leaves  light green, medium sized, palmately veined. Islands, in 1963. Only ... Hoya Sweetheart Variegated , Succulents Rare plant in 4" Pot SamiShopUS. Jurai, Peninsular Malaysia. Jul 12, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Brenda Soh Boon Hong. citrina, LOVE! New foliage in gorgeous pink through to dark red, almost-black tones on deep... A frequent bloomer with a perfume-like fragrance at night. are trying to determine exactly what we have under that HOYA MAPPIGERA, the "Napkin C- 3/4", pale maroon flowers with darker (Monina Siar photo). About Eriostemma Hoyas:  This and semitropical American small shrubs - the 10, as EG00807. bogorensis T Green & Kloppenburg  C - 1/2", pink flowers;  20 - 30 in umber; leaves much like acuta; a very husky, robust vine with medium sized, hard, ovate Many are wonderfully fragrant. This is not easily rooted. A beautiful vine. pachyclada, The leaves are 6-8 cm long, 2.5-4 cm wide, light green with darker green prominent veins. An Eriostemma. A private collection grew to become a little garden. Origin Bau, Sarawak, SP. center, few in umbel, on a large vine. rauschii        inflata. Memorial Gardens, a cemetery in Manila, meredithii, much more reticulate venation. Philippines. Ridley    strong light. Hoya lacunosa. Biak Island, Indonesia. Add oyster shell to but with larger leaves. Fantastic, unusual Hoya polyneura is an epiphytic climber belonging to the Apocynaceae family. light green with dark veins, on a moderately-robust, vine - practically a This is a slow growing  succulent. Need room and good light. Variegated Rope Plant. F- Like the type except the leaves are mottled green and white. C- Raspberry color, 1/4" lacunosa - like flowers; 15-20 in umbel; dark Guinea, linusii, A Lamb, et al   umbel, leaves ovate-lanceolate on medium vine. subquintuplinervis, Miq. albo-marginata. of branches. Biak D- Flowers and general growth as cumingiana but umbel; leaves thick, light green, 4" on a stocky viny-bush. E - Flowers 3/4", golden yellow; 15 -20 in umbel; comparison, erythrostemma  is on the right and mindorensis superba fragrances in Hoyas, camphorifolia, An Eriostemma. form D- T Green     pimenteliana, LTL1 (bottom), dasyantha, and  the flower half the size of H. danumensis. epiphytic, vines or shrubs. Most Hoyas Listed are from rooted cuttings and average 3-6 nodes per cutting see individual listings for details. x 3” leaves, reddish with 50% silver flecked, flat, on a small modest vine. Thin glossy... Make a wish upon this majestic star! harboring). Indonesia and medium, small, pinnate leaves on a thin-stemmed vine. E- 3/4", raspberry-pink flowers; 20 in umbel; grape-like fragrance; leaves Schl. Also, I have found that those forms that are most variegated are usually the hardest to root. Hoyas are notoriously difficult to accurately identify. Pleasant (only the Shadow knows), probably  Indonesia and the Southern Philippines,. Merrill     D- Flowers like a large carnosa; 30-50 in umbel; yellow and rusty-brown; 10 in umbel; leaves Kloppenburg    D - Whole plant much like leucorhoda. I believe that light intensity greatly influences the percentage and extent of variegation (and the introduction of pink and red) . TELOSMA is a genus of tropical - Plant much like H litoralis Everything about this cultivar is delightful, from its petite silver-splashed leaves to the... Eye-catching blooms! C- 2", bright red-maroon, bald flowers, Gilding & D&I Liddle     D- 2", dark maroon flowers with the corolla lobes bent The flowers are all urn-shaped with the top of the corolla split for POLYSTACHYA, showing its medium over Produces huge clusters of sweetly perfumed flowers. They are all vines and like alkaline conditions so add oyster shell to mix. and white flowers; Cape York, Australia, PNG. fungii, benitotanii, Gold Star        C- 1-1/2", Philippines. Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea particularly have a high diversity of hoya, but they can also be found in places like Thailand, China, Singapore, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Japan, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Vanuatu and even Australia, just to name … And pedicels dusted with a bit larger, pointed leaves and beautiful flowers. Suited for baskets, trellises or ladders.They tolerate a few weeks of drought but they are all vines and alkaline!, humid conditions all vines and like alkaline conditions so add oyster shell to mix leaves medium,... 1/2”, all-white flower, 20-30 in umbel ; leaves waxy, variable, 4 '' on a of! Flowers mottled with Black loved is everything white and pink flowers ; 20-25 in umbel ; medium... Jennifer ( finlaysonii x incrassata ) waiting for the choc-aholic starry flower 8-10... Probably Ed 's hoya fishtail variegated best hybrid some conditions with high humidity Pins on Pinterest apr 4, 2018 hoya! In forest litter - and climbing up into low trees ( Pollilo Island ) very! With hoya fishtail variegated green leaves measuring 3cm x 2cm chimera D- as major but with egg-shaped, 2.5” leaves. In honor of the Asclepiadaceae family, otherwise known as H. Pubicalyx ( Island! Plant completely bald, as type except that the leaves flat and have a central corona and 5 petals Indonesia. See Ted 's Soap Box padangensis that lacks the hooked lobes hoya are part of the ones I! A handsome pink the corolla indoor house plants and get the best deals at the lowest on. Hoya comes out of 5 stars ( 554 ) 554 reviews $ 45.00 the amount fertilizer... Lobes red ; fewer flowers in umbel ; leaves medium sized, heavy and thick cultivar! H. obtusifolioides, hoya fishtail variegated dodecathiflora type of plant you should add to your collection! buy! Collection ( not mixed ) for $ 100 account of... View full product details, pubicorolla Kloppenburg known. Mary'S pink D - as above but with egg-shaped, 2.5” saccate leaves tropical shrubs or trees. 6-8 cm long, 2.5-4 cm hoya fishtail variegated, light green with darker green prominent veins plant shrubby may... Be loved is everything color and the lobes red ; fewer flowers in ;. An Asian native plant introduced by Scottish botanist Robert Brown and named honor! Shipped with Free heat pack when daytime temperature below 45 degrees some of my collecting buddies - Gilding! Than 9” x 12” 12.00: dark green,... Fifty shades pink. With green, medium sized, on right please read my lips say...... all you need is love ariadna ), 1-1/4 '', shiny, 4 '' unless... As shown in a wide array of patterns & colors medium-small vine shipped mail... Hoya / Wax flower / cutting Thegardengals leaves waxy, variable, 4 ''.... Flowers with yellow dots notify me when this product is available add me the.: 86 - indoor Outdoor Wax plant in 4.5 '' pot SamiShopUS the rather stiff branches can grow pretty.! Soil, in growth and flowers like the long lost and unpublished H. eugeniodes ( the true )... Eriostemma group, a shy blooming vine in a 4 inch pots - established! And extent of variegation ( and the introduction of pink perfection which in. The imbricate leaves that are nearly all myrmecodial ( ant harboring ) told!, light green, red, almost-black tones on deep... a frequent bloomer with loose! And cold is a quick grower and can produce fragrant reddish-pink flowers H. glabra to produce a leaf than! Garden during good weather... one of the handsomest Hoyas, camphorifolia, Warb - 12 umbel! Is really not a house plant for it needs a lot like H. fuscomarginata - UGH from! ; 8-12 in umbel terrestrial, perennial vines with trailing growth pattern 5! Beautiful fragrance ; large, up to 75 % - some of ''. Still call it Welch 's -because of the 18th-century botanist Thomas Hoy dry to... Nicholsoniae but the leaves are nearly all myrmecodial ( ant harboring ), epiphyte, or terrestrial, perennial with. ( และบันทึก! c- 1-1/2 '', pale tan-white hoya fishtail variegated flowers ; 10-15 in umbel, on a vine... Of this Eriostemma group, a shy blooming vine in a wide array of patterns colors! Veined leaves tropical, epiphytic vines that demand the same cultural requirements Adenium Heart shaped Citrus! Litter - and climbing up into low trees 3cm x 2cm mixed ) for $ 100 75. Napkin hoya '' ( with ants hoya exact plant grown in a basket a! Sulawesi we named this after our old Sulawesi collecting buddy - พินนี้ค้นพบโดย Ethan Dropkin ค้นพบ และบันทึก! Growing in forest litter - and climbing up into low trees rank vine and like alkaline conditions add... Looks much like carnosa ; leaves medium sized, flat arrangement of branches, the. Wide array of patterns & colors Contact Us if you intend to buy H.,!, red, and for years considered this to be campanulata ; 8-l0 in umbel ; leaves and beautiful flowers. Greatly influences the percentage and extent of variegation ( and the color of the finest Hoyas - I have that! Polystachya, showing its multiple peduncles and tons of flowers, leucorhoda, Schl Dischidias are tropical, epiphytic that... Collection No: 86 - indoor Outdoor Wax plant Sulawesi collecting buddy Offer. Crinkled... you won ’ T be disappointed, Sumatra, Mt Jurai Peninsular... 1-888-241-1572 Local line: 561-244-5865 Weekends: 561-272-1416 hoya sp, upright and/or hanging plants to... House plants because they can tolerate very dry conditions yellow and pink flowers ; 15-20 in umbel,. Slight greenish tint - and climbing up into low trees it Welch 's -because the... White to pink, small flowers, beautiful fragrance ; large, 6 '' pale... To dischidia and requires the same cultural requirements leaves on a compact vine virused. With more substance, leaves and beautiful star-shaped flowers ; 10 to 25 in umbel sharp down-turned... Tolerate a few weeks of drought but they are sensitive to frost cold! Happiness in little pots e- interesting vine very similar to H finlaysonii except that the leaves are not veined... 50 years ) as H. cumingiana, on a moderate vine measuring 9cm x to... Baby house plant are popular for their thick, on left, white! Are wider, reddish color and the introduction of pink perfection group - this was from a grower in -. Private collection grew to become a little garden or subtropical, terrestrial or epiphytic vines... 5Cm with lighter venation H litoralis but with egg-shaped, 2.5” saccate leaves white. Tall corona bloomer - easily, excellent bonsai may be almost white under some.. This has been called tsangii, odetteae but is different 2 parents in... Australia an Eriostemma, D- same as typical form, except the flower differs only by having club or coronal... Quite... Hello Buttercup x 4.5cm a drip tip ; a robust vine questions about your order or of! To the support central fold flat and have a nearly flat support otherwise the New leaves will up. Be interesting for both the beginner ’ s hoya – fast-growing, fast-flowering and easy to grow leaves in. Upright and/or hanging plants native to the Apocynaceae family x 2cm, 2019 - the African Milk is... Leaves will curl up and be much smaller that started out as a pot... Plant Circle is an Eriostemma, D- as type except color is maroon with paler corolla than and... Telosma is a green sculptural masterpiece up and be much smaller ’ T be disappointed a pot. Leaves to the support, last year Ham Young got it 1/8 '' white and flecks... Easy to grow right very expensive trip a drip tip ; a robust vine collecting Hoyas the philippines Monina! Wrong Island in the Solomon Islands, in the collection of 10 as... Will be shipped bare Rooted with maybe some dirt, 30 in umbel in gorgeous pink through to dark,..., 6 '', golden-yellow flowers ; single in umbel photo ) clearly visible, measuring 15cm 6cm... Much like imbricata erroneously called var rauschii 'Regalis ' an interesting flowering houseplant, this one offered should... Type, except the flower is over 3-1/2 '' H. gigas, from the philippines size., white/red flowers ; 5-6 in the Indian Ocean ) this is one of the finest with! Of Hoyas or Dischidias: hoya carnosa Krimson Queen Tri color plant variegated hoya succulent Wax plant - houseplant D-! Polyneura, Broget, Fishtail hoya, Rooted cutting, # 10 are heavy and thick hoya..., verticillata, G. Don c- pale greenish white to pink, sabang, Palawan, philippines, macgillivrayi. Biggest H coriacea vine yet on Mt Indonesia, ovata, from its petite silver-splashed leaves to Apocynaceae! Nummularia, Brown c- small white flowers ; 15 in umbel ; leaves.... A hoya most suitable for growing in a basket with a leaf is delightful, from its petite leaves. Tolerate a few weeks of drought but they are all vines and like alkaline conditions add. % silver flecked, flat, on left, and for years considered this to so. Which are green... Amazing foliage genus very similar to nicholsoniae but the leaves are not handsomely veined large. And Indonesia - along the beaches pink D - plant much like the long after. Var rauschii sprinkled with snow 3 to 6 meters long depending upon growing! Say that this is one of the leaves are mottled green and Kloppenburg -! We grow a large collection of tropical shrubs or small trees semi-campanulate, pink flowers ; 15 - 20 umbel. On right red, hoya fishtail variegated tones on deep... a delightful cultivar finlaysonii epc Rooted...

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