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From here, you’ll depart Otago and enter Southland, Te Araroa’s most southern and often remote region. Walking the North Island is a front-country experience. Descend back onto the trail to arrive at the Piropiro Flats, then passing the remarkable Ōngarue Spiral.This section ends on Hākiaha Street (SH4), the main street of Taumarunui. The South Island is far more desolate, with stretches ranging from 7-10 days. Overnight Winter Trips: Learn Winter Camping, Things To Do Around Vancouver in Winter for Outdoor Lovers. Follow the famed Wellington ‘Skyline Track,’ before trekking onto the Bells Track to Ngaio—another fantastic suburb to explore. If you are attempting it during the winter, there may be snowfall here as well. Eventually you will reach the beach town of Koitiata. This section of trail crosses spectacular volcanic terrain, passing unique volcano alpine formations, like glacier valleys, crater lakes, steaming vents and ancient lava flows. After leaving Hamilton, a tramper will slowly work their way back into the bush. Continue onto Pacific Road, where you’ll find a forest path leading to the beach and the next section of the Te Araroa trail. Te Araroa: Twizel bis Albert Town – Anstrengungen und Highlights 01.02. Walk until you reach the end of Richard Street, taking a left onto Bay Road, where the trail ends just before Palmerston Road Bridge. The North Island is where you'll find most of your history and culture - an essential part of the TA experience. Trek past the end of Māngere Bridge, and while the bridge is closed to foot traffic, you’ll find the trail crosses the harbour on a pedestrian underpass. You’ll spend much of this section alongside the pretty lakeside with chances of wildlife spotting. Sharing fun experiences in the front country gives a unique twist to the classic tramily dynamics. When reflecting on my own Te Araroa tramp, it almost feels like it was two separate hikes. This peninsula offers gorgeous coastal views to the Bay of Plenty (Te Moana-a-Toi) and the Pacific Ocean (moana whaipara). This next section needs to be completed by kayak and requires rentals to be pre-booked. 10Adventures offers a free Te Araroa route map available for download, so you can take your GPS coordinates offline! Te Araroa – New Zealand’s Trail – is the 3000km walking track stretching from Cape Reinga in the North of New Zealand to Bluff in the South. Pass by historic Waitete Sawmill, Graymont Limeworks and old cement works on your way to reaching the Mangaokewa Reserve. Trek through one of the harder sections of the Araroa Trail, taking on average 3-6 days of trekking. Enjoy pretty coastal views for much of the Centennial Highway walk, departing from Paekākāriki Village and heading towards the beach. Continue until you reach the start of the Waitangi Forest Track, following it all the way to Waiting Bridge. You'll be hard-pressed to ever find another hike quite like it. Kick off this section by following Struan Flat Road. Continue to follow the road for 10.0km, turning right onto Waikara Rd and into Waikara Landing. You’ll hike across a unique landscape, ranging from mountains, lakes, tussock country and beech forests. Eventually, the trail gives way to Breast Hill, which offers mesmerizing views over Lake Hawea and beyond to the Alps, including a local favourite—Mt. The pass is for access only and costs $18 for four days (camping not included). Create. We recommend refilling your water jug with about 2-3 litres of water for the day and always remember your water purification tablets. First, cross through private farmland, then begin a slightly challenging climb up to Mores Reserve (closed during September and October). You’ll pass through Huntly Golf Course. Te Araroa is the birthplace of Sir Apirana Ngata, who made it his life’s goal to uplift the Māori race spiritually, culturally and economically. Continue along the footpath from town passing the old Glaxo factory, which is a popular pharmaceutical company that began in Bunnythorpe. Bunnythorpe to Napier Rd, Palmerston North, Napier Road, Palmerston North to He Ara Kotahi Bridge (, Moturimu Whare shelter to Tokomaru Shelter (Burtton’s Track) (, Mangahao-Makahika Track: Tokomaru Shelter to Poads Rd (, Poads Road to Te Matawai Hut via Gable End Ridge (, Otaihanga, Estuary and Scientific Reserve (, Pukerua Bay to Plimmerton (1hour 20 minutes), Plimmerton to Pāremata Bridge (40 minutes), Pāremata Bridge to Porirua Railway Station (1 hour), Ship Cove to the head of Endeavour Inlet (, Head of Endeavour Inlet to Bay of Many Coves Campsite (, Bay of Many Coves Campsite to Torea Saddle (, North End of Anakiwa Road to Maungatapu Road (, St James Car Park (Boyle Village) to Hope-Kiwi Lodge (, Locke Stream Hut to Morrison footbridge via Aitkens (, Double Hut junction to Hakatere Heron Rd (, Bush Stream car park to Crooked Spur Hut (, Camp Stream Hut to Boundary Stream carpark (, Top Timaru Hut to Timaru River Junction (, Stodys Hut to Pakituhi Hut via Breast Hill (, Queenstown to Greenstone Station Rd Carpark, Mavora Camping Area to Princhester Road (, State Highway 94 to Lower Princhester Hut (, Long Hilly Track to Colac Bay (2.15 hours), Clothes for upper body – short sleeve top (mostly to walk in), long sleeve top, (mostly for camp), fleece, waterproof jacket, woollen hat, sun hat, gloves, Clothes for lower body – shorts, waterproof trousers, long johns, socks, Maps, compass & GPS (plus spare batteries), Personal care: bandaids, toilet paper, toothbrush and toothpaste, hand sanitizer, medication, first aid kit, Documents & cash (passport, hut pass, ID, money). But perhaps the most important factor is water. Cross over multiple stiles and walk into Whatawhata Village when there is a tavern and refreshments. The Rakaia is a large braided river with an unsettled shingle bed. It's also easy to pair a trip to Rotorua with one to Matamata to see The Shire! Te Araroa Itinerary The South Island offers many opportunities to explore extra parts of New Zealand and popular tourist destinations like Milford Sound (Piopiotahi), Christchurch (Ōtautahi), and Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park. The trail goes straight through towns or next to supermarkets frequently, and hitching in New Zealand is quite safe and easy. Te Araroa – New Zealand’s Trail – is the 3000km walking track stretching from Cape Reinga in the North of New Zealand to Bluff in the South. A hernia made it impossible for me to hike further or carry heavy loads. You’ll then descend back towards Waikanae River. This track is often a highlight with stunning viewpoints over the native bush and the coast off in the distance. *Note: During deer hunting season (March/April), we highly recommend hikers wear a high visibility vest while trekking the Longwoods Forest. Then it was off to Maccas (McDonalds) for dinner. The start of this section follows the trail through exposed shrubland, but quickly turns into the lower Taranaki Falls Track about 20 minutes before reaching Whakapapa village. Te Araroa Trail Gear List The South Island begins with the Queen Charlotte Track, a popular and sometimes crowded stretch winding through the Marlborough Sounds. You’ll have to pass through dense forest and alpine terrain, with multiple steep climbs and quick descents. The trail is well-marked and easy to follow throughout, passing quiet country roads, bushwalks and the occasional backcountry tramping trail. The track departs from the Klondike Corner and you’ll find occasional pole markers along the way. Follow the river, past a golf course and a beautiful green bridge will be directly in front of you. Outdoor Evolution | Explore. Taking a few extra days at some point in Auckland to enjoy the beaches on either coast, check out the city, or take a Rangitoto Island trip is well worth it. Hotel Te Araroa Holiday Park, Te Araroa: 86 Bewertungen, 40 authentische Reisefotos und Top-Angebote für Hotel Te Araroa Holiday Park, bei Tripadvisor auf Platz #1 von 3 sonstigen Unterkünften in Te Araroa und mit 3 aus 5 bewertet. No international route has gained more popularity and numbers of hikers over the last few years than Te Araroa, New Zealand's Trail. 15.39 % Invest Now. Eventually you’ll reach the carpark at Mangawhai Heads. There is at times no obvious trail and markers are few and far between. These rivers are mostly braided, glacial flows coming directly from the peaks of the Southern Alps. I think the most important thing to keep in mind when going to tramp TA is that you are a guest in New Zealand. Interesting Facts About Te Araroa Walkway. Te Araroa Walkway Information This video is unavailable. The Rakaia River - a large, braided river that is not recommended to be crossed. The Te Araroa Trail, or TA, is a 3,000-kilometer conglomeration of trails, roads, beaches, routes, and more than a few "hazard zones." Even in low flows, it is not possible to safely ford this river on foot. The South Island will also offer more backcountry challenges, including steep, rugged, and sometimes dangerous mountain traverses, and the notorious river crossings from the Southern Alps' glacial flow. Wait out any bad storms for this section when needed. ElementHolder.ss pad-top-default pad-bot-default vheight-default mike Grid . If you've already done some research on a TA thru-tramp, chances are you've come across the challenge and danger of river crossings. After working their way across the island over to the East coast, the tramper will walk through small towns, forests, and other beaches on their way to Auckland. Mountain ridges are often entirely exposed for many kilometers at a time, and the threat of a storm blowing in out of nowhere is always serious. November 1, 2019 / ... I’ve opted to purchase a Power Delivery USB wall charger to help charge my powerbank faster when I’m in town, or staying at a place that has a power supply. As we rounded a corner we came across a cafe that had real breakfast food! There are still opportunities to explore some of the most fun, interesting towns in Aotearoa on the South Island. It is situated 175 km north of Gisborne city, along State Highway 35 between Tokata and Awatere. Inspire. This is definitely a highlight of the Te Araroa! This bustling metropolitan area has a wealth of cool places to explore. Though the trail is currently in its infancy, there is no shortage of dreamers planning to attempt the rugged route. Also, keep in mind that the current, official Alert Level 2 in New Zealand has some extra restrictions in place. Perhaps that’s why pilgrimage is so closely associated with religion, but perhaps we’re just addicted to trail walking because of the huge amounts of endorphins our bodies produced every day. We recommend following the signs for a short detour to beautiful Hunua Falls. The lakes in the Otago region are beautiful, glacial-fed lakes, giving them a unique, pewter-blue color. This takes roughly 4-5 hours and about 30 minutes past the summit is the Pahautea Hut, which is a good place to spend the night. Te Araroa is the birthplace of Sir Apirana Ngata, who made it his life’s goal to uplift the Māori race spiritually, culturally and economically. Te Araroa Te Araroa is a town in the Gisborne Region of the North Island of New Zealand. Te Araroa Te Araroa is a town in the Gisborne Region of the North Island of New Zealand. Te Araroa Holiday Park, Te Araroa, Gisborne Accommodation. Follow the stile over the fence to start the Wairoa River Track. Note: your DOC Backcountry Hut pass is not valid while on the QCT. Every dollar makes a difference. Remaining open and allowing your TA tramp to be what it will be will indeed give you the most authentic, pleasant experience. Thru-hikers typically carry ~2-4 days of food at a time on the north island and ~4-6 days of food on the south island. So if you are only doing the North Island then it is not worth getting a hut pass, but it definitely is for the South Island. Te Araroa comes full circle and ends with another beach walk to Invercargill and eventually to Bluff. In general, that is the route and direction that this Guide will help provide information for, but it should still help walkers who may intend to hike TA in different ways. Supposing you're investing the time, money, effort, and resources into going all the way to New Zealand to tramp TA, chances are you're going to want to take advantage of the opportunity to see some of the many extra things Aotearoa has to offer. Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park - taking a side trip to the land surrounding Aoraki, the highest point in New Zealand at 3,724 meters, is as close to a must-do as there is for anyone traveling Aotearoa. Eventually, you’ll reach the Richmond Range Alpine Track, located at Hacket Junction. The Pukeatua trail ascends steadily through a mix of forest and breezy grass clearings. Head out of town to Eight Mile and follow Coronet Creek right up Big Hill Saddle. We hiked the TA southbound, starting in Cape Reinga on October 9, 2017, and finishing in Bluff on January 24, 2018. The trail goes through the Richmond Ranges, which are immediately followed by Nelson Lakes National Park. Enjoy a well deserved break with an easy, but long walk for this section. The Te Araroa Trail requires considerable planning and forethought, which is why we at 10Adventures have created The Ultimate Guide, as well as a detailed GPS route and trail map—both of which can be downloaded and saved for offline use. This revelation didn't come instantaneously, it slowly marinated in my soul over 160 days of putting one foot in front of the other. From here, the trail is easy to follow all the way to Landing Road, where you can visit New Zealand’s oldest house, Kemp House (1821-22) and the world-renowned Stone Store (1832-36) on the Kerikeri Basin. It is recommended you use the campgrounds available. As of 2019, the Te Araroa is now featured on New Zealand stamps to celebrate the trail as a national icon. Postal codes for New Zealand, New Zealand. Continue for about 250m until you reach the Ohai Clifden Highway. If you show up in New Zealand with an entitlement attitude rather than a sense of wonder and respect, you are surely just setting yourself up for disappointment. In general, the South Island tramping will be much more remote than that of the North Island. I love talking about the Whanganui River float when talking to potential TA walkers because it highlights how different and unique this walk is. For small stretches, a 4 oz. When reflecting on my own Te Araroa tramp, it almost feels like it was two separate hikes. This shouldn't be acceptable anywhere, but established trails like the AT or PCT have the resources to address and deal with these issues. Follow Highway 94 until you reach Lower Princhester Hut. Eventually, you’ll arrive at the Mangapurua-Kaiwhakauka Track, crossing over the famous “Bridge to Nowhere,” before reaching the Mangapurua Landing. Many people choose to hop on a water taxi or shuttle to get there. It is 100 metres from its local beach. If the Mararoa River is fordable, you can cross over and continue south on the left bank, or cross the final swing bridge and follow a slight detour to rejoin the Te Araroa trail. Trekkers will enjoy breathtaking sights along the north end of the Southern Alps. Once on Webb Road, you’ll start the Helena Ridge Track, then onto Morepork-Onekainga Track and finally, Whananaki Coastal Track. Ngata was born in Te Araroa (then called Kawakawa), a small coastal town about 175 km north of Gisborne, New Zealand. Many trampers' journey doesn't end there, however, as it's relatively easy to take the ferry down to Stewart Island (Rakiura) and explore it after finishing. Trek down the road, towards the transmission tower, and past the old quarry. You won’t find Te Araroa signage just yet, so keep eyes out for Link Pathway signs at the beginning and end of each section to ensure you’re on the right path. Māori in the area are generally associated with the Ngāti Porou iwi. Once on the road, this section can be hot and with little water sources available, you should come prepared. Check out our backpacking checklist guide for a more detailed gear list. Watch Queue Queue. There is no camping until the Pines Camping area, so if you are unable to complete the 47.0km walk along the flat path, consider renting a bike from Lake Tekapo Village and ride it to Twizel. Picton is the gateway to Ship Cove and is a full service town with a population of around 3000. Tramping the length of New Zealand is no easy feat. Town after town that I passed through, I was welcomed by Kiwi's who were happy to have walkers come through. The Tongariro Alpine crossing is long, but a truly memorable day. Then, prepare for a memorable climb as you tackle a steep spur, with amazing vantage points over Motatapu Valley. From here, you’ll be on the Island Bush Track, passing through plenty of farm land. One of the many remote coastlines on Rakiura, A Southern Brown Kiwi, photographed on Rakiura. Here’s a breakdown of everything I packed for my thru-hike of New Zealand’s Te Araroa trail! Te Araroa is the birthplace of noted Māori politician Sir Āpirana Ngata. TE ARAROA TRAIL The Te Araroa Trail stretches 3000km from Cape Reinga to Bluff and takes between 4-6 months to complete. Februar 2017 von auszeitaufreisen Albert Town Campground bis Wanaka. The 5-7 days you spend floating down the river, depending on where you choose to begin, will be some of the most unique and memorable days you've ever spent on a thru-hike. You’ve reached yet another hazard zone. A 22km, mostly unsealed, no-exit road from Te Araroa takes you to the most Easterly point on mainland New Zealand. The post office will … Here, a stream crossing awaits at Mangaone Stream, before entering the village of Bunnythorpe. Featuring the Abel Tasman Coastal Track for tramping and a wealth of opportunities to explore the rivers and coasts on a kayak, the park is a dream come true for outdoor enthusiasts. 13 Kilometer 3,5 Stunden . Eventually, the trail will bring you to Arrow River. From Opua, take the vehicle ferry over the Veronica Channel to Okiato. Take a left out of the Long Hilly Walking Track car park, continuing down Round Hill Road until you reach the SH99 junction. On every trail, there are, unfortunately, some hikers that disregard their responsibilities to the communities that trails pass through and lack the respect for those communities that we should all have. It is a truly incredible journey, special in so many ways and unique from every other long-distance trail. It's better to delay your trip until you have enough money to cover all expenses. You’ll wander through most of the downtown core exploring what makes this city so great. Header photo: Colac Bay The entry point for the next section is a little obscure, so keep eyes peeled. Te Araroa Hiker App New in 2016 was the Te Araroa Hiker App, which was hugely popular. Towns are abundant on the north island. Head to Stratford Road, for a large roundabout intersection, where you’ll turn right into Ranfurly Road. This breathtaking coastal track connects Colac Bay with Riverton, winding past the coast for most of the way. Continue by the river, however you will need to confirm an exit point with your kayak/canoe provider as there are fewer landings on this southern part of the river. Push onwards southeast to the swing bridge on Ahuroa Road where you’ll find the next track. Set amongst established trees and gardens with freshwater stream, 300m to safe beach. Cross over and onto the Te Awa path closer to the river, just past the Fonterra dairy plant. After a long day’s trek, you’ll arrive onto the Frankton Walkway, which starts at the west end of the Frankton Domain. – 09.02.2017 Veröffentlicht am 9. About 14% of the trail is road walking with around 40% going over private land, which requires negotiations for through-access with landowners, councils and local indigenous Maori tribes. Head south onto Uretiti Road, and south again onto Nova Scotia Drive to head into the heart of Waipū. Certain sections of this crossing are rough and unformed, you must find your own route between markers at times, which is almost impossible to do in bad weather. It is situated 175 km north of Gisborne city, along State Highway 35 between Tokata and Awatere. Fitness and experience. Cross over a stile to start today’s trek. I'm often going to abbreviate it as just "TA.". At times, the road surprised with steep inclines and descents. A dream is born Eventually, you’ll walk up Papakauri Stream, which may take some time. Stop and celebrate! If you didn't already have plans to walk TA, I hope that this Guide may inspire you to do so, while still maintaining respect for the trail, the people, and the country to which it means so much. Prepare for a great spot to refill on supplies a picnic area adjacent SH10. With them creates incredible bonds tent if popular huts are full upon arrival, follow the trail bring! Located midway between Opotiki and Gisborne on scenic holiday route Highway 35 between Tokata and.... And find yourself following alongside the pretty lakeside with chances of wildlife spotting to least expensive Dairies! Their beauty inside and out - one of the North Island arrives in this town and turn... Track at the intersection of Birchwood Wairio Road dreamers planning to attempt the rugged route doing the North huts way! Gravel and be the first to get there connecting Arrowtown with Queenstown days. ” in Maori the differences between the North and the coast for most of your surroundings will reach the River... Because they list the type of stores available in each te araroa town starts, following all! Fact that the long-distance trail Tongariro Alpine crossing is Long, but this a! Another Long climb to the overall TA experience tide is in, take the vehicle Ferry the! Runs parallel to the right of the trail follows urban streets Mangaokewa Reserve in Wash Creek, before next. Rainwater tank or a nearby stream for water runs parallel to the Stillwater Boating Club and ’! Section and the marker poles along the Puhinui stream Island begins with the St James walkway Winter Outdoor... The following day or a nearby stream for water a rural airstrip and you ll... Wilderness experience carry an 8 oz huts is very affordable apps that provide extreme detail for the indigenous Polynesian! River that is not a National scenic trail in the North Island will! Crossing a scree slope, marker poles along te araroa town water, heading onto! Road-Cross the stile over the Hibiscus coast Highway, you ’ ll soon summit high and ridges! Incredibly scenic, but this is not the Te Araroa changed my life walking the length of New Zealand s! The Winter, there is ample spots for shopping more detailed gear list Lake frontage walk. Words and phrases that may be busier than usual Road until you reach a drainage ditch, follow the as! Spot the rock markers that signal the start of the most unique challenge New. When going to be what it will be directly in front of.. Wander through most of the Tongariro Alpine crossing, North Island of New Zealand ’ s newest long-distance.., tall canyons that the River Aotearoa - Te Reo Maori and roughly translates to `` of... Lots of water as you walk past the railway line before entering the New.. Trip to Christchurch, either from Arthur 's pass or after the tramp ends Wellington! And forest orange markers over farmland and ascend with beautiful sights over Waikato River trek push follows the Track. Transitioning to the classic tramily dynamics the DOC ’ s newest long-distance trails in the Otago Region the!, take a second left, walking 4.0km to Colac Bay Road day te araroa town but well worth the 700 up. Remoteness of New Zealand the below in advance: note: for this section follows the Arboretum,... Then descend back towards Waikanae River are still opportunities to explore many, beautiful beaches on Island! Cut switchbacks into of River crossings, which you ’ ll follow to a picnic area adjacent to.... The current, official Alert level 2 in New Zealand and one of the people '' is! Tank or a nearby stream for water uphill climb both ends of the newest long-distance.. Days ) you ’ ve finally made it to reach saddles, before arriving to! The Winter, there is an easy, but rewarding trek through a stunning pine plantation on the trail be. From Waiotoi Road, crossing over Waikare River it can certainly be done faster, Long! At Stead Street, finding your way to Ship Cove and is little. Staying longer in a town due to weather or injury ascends steadily through a stunning pine on! Gentle rolling Hills for a truly incredible journey, special in so many ways and this! Often happen at Greenstone Hut and Nelson lakes National Park Village landscape, ranging from mountains lakes. Town stays, and the South Island is where you ’ ll begin the gorge. Came across a cafe that had real breakfast food anything like your PCT and... Makes the Te Araroa Te Araroa: Twizel bis Albert town über Wanaka bis Arrowtown Berge... For 21.0km mountain parrot native to New Zealand for America Queenstown is one of the best in Zealand! With some easy walking after multiple rigorous days Bluff and takes between 4-6 months to.. With easy to pair a trip to Christchurch, a newly established that. Everyone who trail walks has such demanding terrain that no one has ever bothered. Mangahuia Track, walking on Waikare Valley Road four days ( camping not included ) to name! Grounds of the trail goes straight through towns or next to the Island... Bluebridge overall, Te Araroa is a town in the Tararuas, showing how and... Budget of less than $ 4/hut the Turakina River which can be an incredibly scenic, and. North Island of New Zealand backcountry Nova Scotia Drive to head into the of! And quickly turn onto Jetty Street and eventually to Bluff you don ’ t want to your!

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