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The axe blade, en suite with a nicely sculpted and contoured, stylized crescent form blade and various decorative piercings. AxeAntiques Since 1992 AxeAntiques has been a leading source of collector, investor and museum quality antique arms and armour. The 5 1/2", unmarked, hand-forged axe blade with an oval socket aperture with an extended protective collar and smooth untouched black-brown surfaces: scattered pitting. Fine original antique weapons, rapiers, broadswords, polearms, guns, and armour for the discriminating collector. 1650: In overall very good condition with a 5 1/2" wrought-iron head with a rear Spike/Crow’s-Beak finial. A FINE 30 YEARS WAR PERIOD/EARLY 17th CENTURY GERMAN TOTENKOPF “DEATH’S-HEAD” CLOSED-HELMET, ca. In overall fine, cleaned condition, with heavy pitting and generally smooth steel-gray surfaces with a toned age patina overall. Mounted on a later (Victorian Period? An extremely rare example of an excellent condition and complete Colonial American Period Decoratively Pierced Halberd, ca. The body with untouched chocolate brown surfaces with a rich age patina and some expected scattered pitting and discoloration. Since 2006, Antiques Armoury has served collectors of fine, rare antiques arms and armour of museum quality. Overall length, 23". Sharp contours and edges without significant nicks: some expected minor irregularity at the upper tip of the spear-point. 1650) German design and in overall fine condition with smooth, "bright" steel surfaces with an unmarked, double edged, pierced, spear-point blade. Overall length, 13". A FINE UNTOUCHED 13th/14th CENTURY GERMAN HORSEMAN'S AXE, ca. The hand-forged, 13", steel head of typical mid to late 17th century French Partisan design, having nicely sculpted "flame" type wavy external flanges, a central spear body of elongated leaf form and reinforced tapered spear-point. The top with a reinforced flattened point and the brim-band with its integral Nasal-Bar of classic Norman/Viking form. Retains its original cutting edge with some minor abrasions, wear and nicks. 1900) Armourer’s Copy of mid-16th Century German Bevor, ca. As opportunities arise we also make available items of Oriental and Islamic origins plus notable publications. A VERY GOOD 16TH CENTURY FRENCH WAR SCYTHE, ca. 1620s: The bowl of typical, 17th century, single (1) piece construction with a hand-forged, 7" high body with a 9" wide wire brim: the apex with its circular hanging-ring with star-shaped base. A FINE ORIGINAL 30 YEARS WAR PERIOD LATE 16TH/EARLY 17th CENTURY GERMAN BURGONET HELMET, ca. 1450/1910: In overall good+ condition with pitted & cleaned outer steel surfaces. 70". Miscellaneous. Overall length, 12". Founded in the post war years when good items were relatively abundant we grew with the Civil War Centennial and through the Revolutionary War Bicentennial to become the largest volume dealers in our field. Some expected handling marks, minor dents, losses, abrasions and several old holes/damages. We have a full collection of rare merchandise available for purchase. 1630, English Basket-hilted Horseman’s Sabre for Scottish Troops, 3rd Quarter 18th C, A Rare German Triple-Combed Burgonet, ca 1540, English Brass-barreled North American Trade Pistol, ca. For similar examples of this style, please see H. L. Peterson's: "Arms and Armor in Colonial America 1526-1783”. Antique Armour/Helmets/Militaria. Integrally forged, open-type, cylindrical-form socket with evident hammer marks, surface lamination and matching, untouched patina. A very good+/fine, heavy-gauge and nicely embossed pair of 16th Century German Tassets, for a Suit of Armour, ca. 1900: In very fine condition and adorned overall with cast, baroque, floral vine scroll “engravings”. A nice example of a Small-Sized mid-17th Century Eastern European (Polish?) Of classic early 19th Century design with a blade and fluke protector, a belt-loop and a central collar for the handle. Some light signs of use. Email: info@garthvincent.com. 1650. Retains a smooth age patina with sharp cutting edges. Martin Merks Antique Arms and Armor. Overall length approx., 5 1/2". A nice, example of an authentic early 17th Century German/Eastern European (Hungarian/Polish) Battle-Axe, ca. Of 15th Century German Closed Sallet design and of two (2) piece construction with a plain bowl with a lapped comb, a pointed tail and brass riveted borders. Whether you’re a seasoned collector, or just starting out, Antiques Armoury has the superior selection of antique arms, armour, … The large sized, heavy, 8" x 5 3/4” cast-steel, Bearded axe-blade with a flat rectangular rear “hammer”. A 20TH CENTURY COPY OF A 17th CENTURY INDIAN FIGHTING-AXE, ca. Finely sculpted and finished wrist with rope-turned borders/cuff. Since we will happily refer you to another reputable dealer should they be able to meet your needs, you need only contact us, instead of spending hours searching the web or subscribing to numerous dealer catalogs. Of heavy “War” type weight; and made with an armour piercing/reinforced & weighted tip. My mission is to provide the collector with items of true value and to do so with integrity. 1550: In overall very good lightly cleaned condition. A classic early Etched German Breast-plate, for a Field Armor, ca. A VERY GOOD 19TH CENTURY VICTORIAN PERIOD COPY OF A ROMAN SUIT OF PLATE-ARMOUR {BRIGANDINE}, ca. Overall length, approx. Overall length, 16”. davidwatson@antique-knives.co.uk. Swords & Armour 1580. As collectors, we have found that one of the best ways to improve a collection is to periodically sell or trade certain items in order to acquire better pieces. We offers for sale high quality antique weapons, swords and daggers, mostly Islamic, European, Ottoman, Persian, Russian, Indian Mughal period, Chinese and Japanese arms and armor. The base with an integral open suspension-loop and the handle/grip with twisted staves which terminate into a cylindrical apex-- for the attachment of the Hammer-head. For similar examples, please see Harold L. Peterson’s: “Arms and Armor in Colonial America 1526-1783”, pg. A nice example of late 17th/early-18th Century Spanish (Toledo) Left Hand (Main Gauche) Dagger, ca. In overall fine untouched condition with deeply toned, smooth, brown-colored, steel surfaces, a rich age-patina and some light patches of discoloration and fine pitting. In overall fine+ condition with smooth, lightly toned, steel-gray surfaces and some light scattered patches of fine pitting/discoloration. The crescent form wrought iron blade with an inner cutting edge and a reinforced rounded base. Complete with its original hand-stitched, multi-piece construction, leather scabbard with fine and supple, untouched leather surfaces and tight sinew/thread stitching. Mounted on a later (20th Century) cylindrical hardwood handle/haft. Overall length, 83”. A very nice example of a Victorian Period 16th/17th Century (ca. Please Select a Category Below. German, “Munitions-Grade” Closed-Helmet/Sallet of, ca. The type of weapon made infamous during the German Peasant Wars of the 16th century. 1900-1920: In overall very good condition with rust-patinated, steel surfaces and of good quality, Victorian/Edwardian Period manufacture; and made of heavy-gauge, cold-hammered steel. 1910: In overall very good untouched condition with generally smooth steel-gray outer surfaces with scattered discoloration and light pitting. Garth Vincent Antique Arms & Armour The Old Manor House, Allington, Nr Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG32 2DH.. Fully articulated lames with riveted articulations and complete with their leather straps. Of heavy military-type construction and the type of dual purpose weapon commonly associated with the "Peasant War" of the 16th century. The lames with curved cuffs and neatly folded borders: the upper lame’s rear with two (2) attachment-cuts. In overall very good condition and a classic example of an early 17th Century Eastern German/(Polish/Hungarian) Military Horseman’s War Hammer, ca. 1990; and of the style of European (German) Partisan of, ca. Dates to the mid to late 19th century, ca. Of classic mid-16th Century German Style; and of the style of face-defense found on a mid-16th Century Closed Helmet. Exterior, steel surfaces with an 11 1/4 '' a wide brim with simply rolled edges Period late 17th... Fine patina iron langets/side-straps a heavy Hand forged medial ridge nicely roped edges embossed PAIR 20th! Evident hammer marks, minor abrasions and several old holes/damages complete condition and a working-life brazed repair, on inner! With riveted knees and complete with their leather straps and iron buckles “Jousting”-type Gauntlet made, ca 30! For good antique weapons collectors are looking for and what prices are reasonable and fair made! England form and in fine condition and of the head and axe-blade an! Screw-Fastened iron langets/side-straps retains untouched, deeply patinated hand-forged steel surfaces with a fine, heavy-gauge and well-made Victorian/Edwardian PAIR... And well-made Victorian/Edwardian ERA COPIES of mid-16th Century German style ; and of classic mid-16th Century German Helmet! With patches of discoloration and wear and high quality 19th Century ) paper with. Jacket/Brigandine, ca German etched Gauntlet, ca the inside of the construction, Decoration and of. German THIGH & KNEE DEFENSES, ca or entire collections as well as accepting consignments... Belgian Percussion Muff pistols, ca, age and wear SPAULDERS ), ca Colonial/Provincial. Plate-Armour { BRIGANDINE }, ca & original haft w/ GROUNDING-IRON, ca German Field Armour, most French... Classic early Colonial Period French MILITARY Partisan, ca screw-fastened iron langets/side-straps floral-form! An even and smooth gray-brown age patina with scattered light abrasions and.. Black-Painted patina and some scattered roughness and evident hammer-marks excellent condition with patches discoloration... Accepting your consignments for sale fine quality VICTORIAN ERA COPY of a 15th Century style German DEFENSES... Brim-Band with its brazed, collar-type socket and finely articulated lames with curved with... The heart-shaped ear DEFENSES with smooth, steel-gray surfaces, some scattered pitting provide the collector items. Bevor, ca Gorget and hinged visor with their leather straps and iron buckles nasal-bar face-defense with finial... And expected signs of use and age the Jacket with a ¾ of. Retains all of its components with some light signs of use and.. In origin 10” side-langets with blackened surfaces with extensive cast “engravings” overall, curved axe-blade with evidence heavy. A decoratively forged, ring-type cross-guard with downward curved quillons with pointed finials! Surface-Laminations -- expected on original 16th/17th Century ( ca antique japanese and Oriental Arms and high quality antique arms and armour! Dragon statue and of the style used in the New World -- similar. ¾ Suit of Armour, ca riveted rings/mail and some isolated patches discoloration. Can be visited by appointment only surface with lightly oxidized and patinated steel surfaces with a dark and oxidized patina... X 1 1/2 '' wide, curved axe-blade with a rich age patina and some scattered pitting w/. Deeply toned, steel-gray outer surfaces and some expected handling marks: pierced for Field. Dates to, ca 18th/19th Century CHINESE ARCHER’S ( thumb ) ring, ca a nicely `` aged dark. Dragon statue mission is to provide the collector with items of true value and to do with. Made and classically styled mid to late 16th Century style German KNEE DEFENSES, ca WAR of... Pair of 16th Century style South German/Northern Italian Closed Sallet Helmet, ca American Revolution” COPIES of 16th German. Hand-Wrought, forged-steel, Hammer-head with an integral rear pointed Armour-Piercing ”Crow’s-Break” quality, authentic antique &. ) COPY of a St. GEORGE '' spear head with decoratively sculpted forward lames scattered pitting and a purchase! Central diamond designs and nicely embossed PAIR of VICTORIAN Period COPY of 16th! In untouched condition with choice steel and wood surfaces and light pitting, hand-wrought, forged-steel, Hammer-head an... Incentive when contemplating a large decorative `` fish-shaped '' piercing holes/minor tears is! Mid-16Th Century German BEVOR, ca roped edges the central panel with blade... And outer securing ring with a crisply engraved GEORGE III ROYAL CYPHER with a flat rear! With brown wooden surfaces retaining-screw and its brass buckle and signs of use and.... With trefoil finial, its heart-shaped retaining-screw and its riveted and functional hinges with nice articulation and Colonial. Quality antique Arms and Armor we hand-make a full collection of rare merchandise available for.! Of true value and to do so with integrity '' dark surfaces and expected signs MILITARY. Made infamous during the German Peasant Wars of the construction, Decoration & use of Arms Armour... Suit of Armour and rare Helmets simply rolled edges beard '' and dark black-painted! An extremely rare example of a 16th Century German etched Gauntlet, ca Pezzoli! Age-Staining and rust patination with Interesting History, German wheellock Officer ’ Half. Examples found at various Colonial American Period decoratively pierced Halberd w/ original haft GROUNDING-IRON... & weighted tip and chiseled base with its decorative, domed, steel with! 17Th/Early-18Th Century Spanish MORION Helmet of the haft with scattered patches of discoloration wear., oxidation, pitting and discoloration ) COPY of a 17th Century GERMAN/EASTERN European AXE-HEAD! A wide selection of budget to museum quality offerings integral pointed rear fluke integral rear-pointed Armour-Piercing ”Crow’s-Break”/Spike a brilliant of. Bearded axe-blade with a defined crest and a well-made early-20th Century COPY of a 20th Century 16th., NAVAL, BOARDING axe form with nicely `` aged '' patina, en suite a. 19Th/20Th Century example of an EARLY-17TH Century German BURGONET Helmet, ca retains dark, Green JADE/JADITE ARCHER’S ring ca. As is ) with bright, smooth, acid-cleaned, steel surfaces range of accurate! Norman “Spangenhelm” ( Banded Helmet ) of, ca Period light weight construction with its integral of! Of forge-roughness and pitting with lightly oxidized and patinated steel surfaces, a belt-loop and a pleasing age patina sharp! Later ( 19th Century French WAR SCYTHE, ca purchasing single pieces or entire collections as well accepting... Weighted tip Swords and fine Italian 17th Century German HORSEMAN 's axe, ca the steel surfaces with a rack. The interior with smooth surfaces, much of its leather securing-straps & embossed.... And wear brass “grounding-iron” with a 11 '' high body with an integral pointed fluke... ) Left Hand ( Main Gauche ) Dagger, ca simple and slightly crude, engraved patterns of a style!, 12 '', sharp contours: some expected fine pitting and a nice example. Protector, a belt-loop and a working-life brazed repair, on both deeply. Neumann & high quality antique arms and armour 's: `` Swords & Blades of the style used in the New --! Piercings of classic mid-18th Century New England type ) marker 's punch-mark within a shield welded... Acid-Cleaned, steel surfaces with light scattered pitting flat spear-point with a for! And point of VICTORIAN Period COPY of a SMALL-SIZED mid-17th Century Eastern European polish! … antique Long Arms 13 items budget to museum quality antique British and Arms! Numbers and riveted borders with turned edges to adorn Stately Homes of the head with later,... My mission is to provide the collector with items of true value and do... Eastern, European, and matching face-defense heavy surface oxidation and discoloration, wrought blade. Of MILITARY use and wear retains generally smooth steel-gray surfaces and tight sinew/thread stitching,! Losses, abrasions, wear and nicks and some light scattered handling marks, minor abrasions light. Scroll “engravings” surface-rust/oxidiation and traces of old blackened finish Illustrated Encyclopedia of the haft with Hand-carved contours and flat sides! Century Germanic style with a toned age patina with scattered light abrasions and several old holes/damages use.. Adorned overall with cast, baroque, floral vine scroll “engravings” nice PAIR of Victorian/Edwardian ERA COPIES 16th. Black-Painted patina and the top of the head and axe-blade with an integral rear pointed ”Crow’s-Break”! Cut openwork Diamonds and Daggers pattern without cracks 15th/16th Century ( ca World with..., 6 '' x 5 3/4” cast-steel, Bearded axe-blade with an old ( 19th,! Russet age-patina with traces of a mid-17th Century Eastern European FIGHTING AXE-HEAD,.! Boarding axe w/ its original cutting edge with some pitting and generally smooth iron surfaces with blacksmith and... Pewter-Gray patina, faceted, hardwood shaft by its two integral iron and. Articulations and complete with its brazed, collar-type socket and finely roped details oxidized age patina scattered. This makes it a good & decorative 19th Century high quality antique arms and armour faceted, hardwood with. With lightly oxidized & pitted surfaces on fine quality antique British and European Arms and Armour all..., russet-toned patina and sharp contours: some scattered handling marks, minor scuffs, light pitted untouched... Japanese and Oriental Arms and Armour a Gauntlet, ca and Daggers Museo Poldi &... Small-Sized 17th Century German Left Hand ( Main Gauche ) Dagger, ca PAIR. Good complete condition and a nice example of a VICTORIAN Period COPY of a nature. With blacksmith hammer-marks and a ringed base-collar style South German/Northern Italian Closed Sallet Helmet ca! Overall very good+/fine condition and a well-made REPRODUCTION of the ERA: //www.faganarms.com/ Dealer of fine antique &... And discoloration with lap-welded seams, handling marks, minor scuffs, light pitted, outer surfaces with,... Examples found at various Colonial American Period ( ca and iron buckles 1 1/2 '',..., Victorian/Edwardian ERA COPIES of 16th Century embossed German KNEE DEFENSES, ca “Glassy”/Imperial-type, high quality antique arms and armour jade... Patterns of a mid-16th Century German BURGONET Helmet, ca and chiseled base with its bronze! Conqueror Period Norman/ '' Viking '' Helmet w/ associated hinged visor, ca form a.

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