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As home espresso machines go, we think this is the cream of the crop. So is it the mini espresso machine you are looking for? First of all, it is a semi-automatic dual boiler mini espresso machine, which is inspired by the design of the Linea Classic. • The academy/courses, Cookies & Privacy Terms & Conditions Design by Split, We use Cookies - By using this site or closing this you agree to our Cookies policy, Well that’s it for 2020 for us at Team NS, anoth, Merry Christmas! It’s evident when working upon it as it feels no different to a commercial machine in response and performance. One thing that sets the Mini aside from most other home machines is its build quality. With the right temperature, you will be able to extract a better taste from the coffee beans. You get out a perfectly ground, distributed and tamped puck of coffee ready to brew. It certainly needs its own space on your counter, not as much as the Linea Classic, but it still does. We have assessed it closely and found some interesting points about this machine. Plus, you also need to have a good quality grinder to grind your coffee beans fresh. To date we haven’t had any issues with parts, much like with our commercial La Marzocco machines, but user-serviceable parts are easily cleaned and maintained. La Pavoni Professional vintage lever … Still, without all the extra features La Marzocco has packed in. La Marzocco linea mini. Nieuw in de doos la marzocco linea mini connected. La Marzocco Linea Mini kopen in diverse kleuren Wanneer je een La Marzocco Linea Mini review gaat lezen zal er je ook altijd worden aangegeven dat deze koffiemachine kan worden aangekocht in verschillende kleuren. Don’t go for it, if you don’t drink coffee regularly or don’t need to make any variations in the taste and aromas on your own. Leeds Dock We have very very few bags of co, We have Christmas Blend on the shelves and pastrie, Well a massive thank you to everyone who came down, I wish it would make its mind up out there! It’s more of a tie between Linea Mini and Vivaldi II. And if you are a serious coffeeholic, then it puts you in the driver’s seat. La Marzocco are only down the road from us here in Leeds, allowing us to work closely with them to ensure you end up with an espresso machine that delivers results. La Marzocco's Linea line has long been hailed as the "Northwest Workhorse" for many commercial users. It also comes with good brewing capacity, so if you have a coffee-loving company with you, then this machine is the best choice. These numbers might not hold any significance. It makes the machine lightweight and easy to move. All in all with dense, light-roasted beans that are difficult for any grinder to grind uniformly, we were able to produce (based on our evaluation and the overwhelming amount of industry and retail feedback at the event) consistently sweet-tasting shots of espresso with no noticeable issues of channeling visible on top of the thinner 14g bed of coffee,  and negligible volatility in rate of flow of espresso coming from the portafilter spouts, throughout Wednesday to Sunday of the busy event. If you compare it with Vivaldi II Mini and Essenza Mini, you will find that it is a far better choice. This reading should never be over 12. Vivaldi II Mini also has the same commercial-grade construction featuring plenty of stainless steel in almost all parts and components. Cleaning and maintaining Vivaldi II Mini is a slightly more complicated task because it requires disassembling and then resembling. Using ground coffee doesn’t always produce that rich flavor that comes from a freshly ground coffee. If you are new to coffee making, then you need to seriously consider this point. Standard European La Marzocco Convex Tamper ... Bring home a machine inspired by an espresso icon. Again, this is very easy to get used to. For more convenience of automatic temperature control, you should choose the latter. If you are not interested in gauging the temperature controls, then there are better options for you to avail at a lower price. Now you can bring a petite version of this trusted workhorse home to craft cafe quality espresso drinks with the La Marzocco Linea Mini. Easy to access knobs, levers, buttons, gauges, and steam wand. The Linea Mini … And when we talk about descaling the Essenza Mini, there is a separate mode for it that you can use by pressing both the buttons on the top of the machine. Talking about quality, the Linea Mini features hand-built construction with the rigidity of stainless steel. An espresso shouldn’t be too bitter or sweet; instead, the taste of this type of coffee is all about maintaining a balance between bitterness and sweetness. The constantly flowing coffee from the portafilter spots ensures that each cup of coffee states the same. All three of the mini espresso machines that we are comparing don’t come with an inbuilt grinder. Moreover, the Swift Mini can function as a standard on demand grinder. The Linea Mini aims to address that. For those baristas who like to know specifics, the machine features the same 3-way solenoid valves that line the plumbing of its commercial machines, as well as regulated water flow at the group. It means that you will only have to fill it up once or twice in a day, depending upon your coffee consumption patterns. Discover the key facts and see how La Marzocco Linea Classic 1 Group performs in the commercial coffee machine ranking. Differences are seen mainly in the machine’s ‘display’ through its LED lights on the faceplate. Why? Still, despite being a Mini espresso machine, it does have a significant footprint. The standard style of the steam wand allows you to easily direct steam into your cup of coffee. For more technical information, performance data or other enquiries about this machine, please contact Ollie. La Marzocco produces two versions of the GS3—the AV (auto-volumetric) and the MP (manual paddle), and one version of the Linea Mini. Just use 6g of detergent for every one liter of water. Making it possible to grind, dose and tamp a double espresso on demand with no waste and no mess. Due to the reduced size and footprint, some of the models don’t come with grinders. As you’re controlling the pump, you get to decide how much water you need in each of your shots. Simply remove the drip tray and pull the tank forward with its handle. Then I realised that it’s not an “easy” one as this machine requires deep knowledge before dealing with its technology. Tevens heeft de machine ook een warmtewisselaar voor een constante temperatuur, met een maximale afwijking van 1ºC, die handmatig in te stellen is (PID Control). And of course, with durability or longevity, the handmade stainless steel commercial grade Linea Mini can certainly last for a lifetime if you take proper care of it. With the Mini, you put in your basket and push a button. written by Coffee lover January 24, 2019. Therefore, the clear winner here is Linea Mini, which completely overshadowed its competitors in terms of brewing capacity. But this is not the case with most of the mini espresso machines. The beautiful Sapphire color Linea Mini allows the Home Barista to brew with passion and style. North Star Coffee Shop But Linea Mini is a bit expensive of the three. But of course, you also need a good quality coffee grinder to pair with your mini espresso machine. A removable shower screen allows for easy maintenance and descaling of both screens and blocks, while the valves allow for manual back-flushing during use or after use without the need for an automatic cleaning cycle. And of course, you just need a damp cloth to wipe it clean. LS10 1PZTel: 01134660025, For queries about: Linea Classic is well-known for its high-quality design and materials used in the construction. Steaming is as with a commercial machine, at least 1 bar of boiler pressure producing the same high quality steam from the same wand design as a La Marzocco Linea Classic. Je kan. Nieuw Ophalen of Verzenden. There are no complicated settings involved here. Thank you for all your, ¿Quiubo, Parce? The overall design of this machine is very compact too, and it can fit into tight corners. Most coffee machines come with grinders in them. The Linea Mini features a one-second pre-infusion stage where the ground coffee is gently soaked in the portafilter before the application of the brewing pressure. Who shouldn’t buy the La Marzocco Linea Mini? The quality is sublime because all the components and parts of this machine are made of stainless steel. La Marzocco Linea Mini Integrated Group Head. With PID and a tempera-ture adjustment wheel, the Linea Mini provides all the features necessa-ry to make the pursuit of the perfect espresso attainable at home. You will have to go through a lot of trials and errors before you make the perfect cup of coffee. So the clear winner here is Linea Mini. This morning I woke up with good intentions. The traditional look and feel of this machine give you the cafe feel in your kitchen. As part of our research, we were lucky enough to get our hands on a beautiful fire-engine red La Marzocco Linea Mini and matching Eureka grinder! The Vivaldi II Mini is geared more towards people who prefer varying tastes but don’t want to get into complications of temperature controls. Backflushing and rinsing groups regularly is something that is worth having as a manual option for cleaning without chemical during normal cycles of use, simply to remove stray particles, oils and taints that may build up due to having high levels of thermal stability at and nearby the brew group. FAQs for the La Marzocco Linea Mini Espresso, Linea Mini Espresso Machine by La Marzocco. The design of the Linea Mini is based on the most iconic La Marzocco machine ever built, the Linea Classic. La Marzocco keep things simple here by using two lights to indicate whether adequate water supply is available for use, and whether brewing temperature stability has been achieved. The Swift Mini is compatible with all La Marzocco Home machines. When we talk about brewing capacity, the Linea Mini comes with a 2.5L steam boiler that is roughly equal to 84.5 fluid ounces or more than 10 cups. We provide competitive prices and unrivalled support and assistance, so you can get the most out of this amazing machine. However, despite being “mini,” this machine is big in this category, and a lot of credit goes to its brewing capacity. This machine is not designed for novice coffee makers because you will need to have a good amount of understanding of temperature and tastes. The Linea Mini Espresso Machine by La Marzocco has certainly created some vibes recently. It is easy to control compared to digital programming, but does not read exact figures or do so digitally, so trial and error is your main source of temperature programming. As we know from our time at the London Coffee Festival, where the espresso boiler’s refreshment rate for its full volume was much higher than in the average home due to high volume service, we found that keeping the temperature at its lowest then working upwards was your best approach to finding a sweet spot while reducing your likelihood of wasting shots, essentially working upwards to the point of diminishing returns in the cup. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The machine also features a highly stable heating system that preheats the coil at a consistent heat. To understand this point, we need to focus on the quality, user-friendliness, and longevity of this espresso machine. You don’t need to invest so much money if you are not overly particular about your cup of coffee. Sind 1973 werkt La Marzocco al met dubbel boilersystemen en natuurlijk is de Linea Mini ook hiermee uitgerust. The Boulevard This year the visitors of The London Coffee Festival were asked to vote … Time to dig in deep! In terms of additional features, the Linea Mini and the Vivaldi II Mini are miles ahead of the Essenza Mini. But without a shadow of a doubt, the cup that this machine will provide you with will be great in taste and aroma. The simple paddle is easy to use, doesn’t jam or stick etc and includes a pre-programmed pre-infusion to ensure that channeling is minimised, whether with lower doses or minor tamping issues. For full details see our privacy policy. Na jarenlange ervaring met het produceren van horecamachines heeft het topmerk La Marzocco nu ook een machine voor thuis op de markt gebracht.Sind 1973 werkt La Marzocco al met dubbel boilersystemen en natuurlijk is de Linea Mini ook hiermee uitgerust. To put your mind at rest, we tested t… Now, the looks of a machine can’t tell you what taste it can produce, so we have given a try to all three espresso machines and looked for any differences. Of course, for the experienced users, this won’t be a thing, and you can make a great tasting cup whenever you want with varying tastes and aromas. • online orders However, if you are a more experienced coffee maker, then you should choose the Linea Mini. #Coffee. The traditional look and feel of this machine give you the cafe feel in your kitchen. De La Marzocco Linea Mini beschikt over een automatische pre-infusiefunctie. But you need to shave some experience in coffee making to get that taste and aroma in your cup. In this way it is possible to grind for single Unit 32 Easy to access knob, buttons, lever, and steam wand. Onto the interesting stuff, you might be wondering how you can condense the technology of the Linea Classic into such a small machine. the iconic design and performance of a la marzocco comes home with the linea mini. Keep an eye on your water supply light flashing if it is not plumbed in, as it will need topping up earlier than you might expect due to the machine demanding higher levels of stability than you might be used to. If you can create different tasting coffees like a true barista, then you can go for the Linea Mini. So, most internal components are identical to commercial machine designs from La Marzocco. The Essenza Mini has a very intuitive design that is very easy to use, and it allows you to make both espresso and lungo coffee. Moreover, the design of the group on the user’s side is identical to a La Marzocco Linea’s usual layout. A mini espresso machine is not designed to cater to large gatherings. € 3.850,00 1 dec. '20. For those that think this may actually be a drawback, it’s worth noting that creating espresso of consistently high quality from shot to shot depends on stringent maintenance of your machine. Despite being “Mini,” it doesn’t compromise on the quality of the components used in its construction. the Linea Mini is a striking, well made, good looking machine. The Linea Mini provides you with a medium foaming that is an excellent option to create some latte art. Open until 2pm on 24 December, @NorthStarRoast have packs of their signature Christmas blend available to purchase,…, We’ve got less than half a dozen bags of @NorthStarRoast Christmas Blend (1x1kg beans, 1x1kg/3x250g french press gr…, Cant wait to try these 3. T oday I’m reviewing La Marzocco Strada AV (automatic volumetric) that was launched in 2016. semi-automatic paddle. • The coffee shop There is a small valve underneath the drip tray, and you can use it to make adjustments to the pressure of your machine. Leeds LS12 3BGTel: 07725 144211, For queries about: This temperature dial is all manual, and you have to decide what temperature should be set for a particular shot. We first met the Linea Mini a few years ago at the Out of The Box party in Milano and it subsequently made huge waves when it shipped to South Africa becoming the iconic single group machine for domestic use for all LM fans. Honestly? As all of these three machines don’t come with an automatic grinder, so it is going to be a huge factor for you to consider. And soak the basket and portafilter into it for 30 minutes. So coffee art is not possible with this machine! The Nespresso is a bit more on the milder side, and you might get more aroma and sweetening flavors from this machine. Whereas, the Vivaldi II Mini comes with a pre-infusion stage with automatic temperature control and adjustable volumetric dosing using the touchpad. See pictures for more detail on how the machine will look and feel, but please rest assured that the Mini makes coffee taste as sweet as the machine itself looks! With the Linea Mini, we hope to help you create an espresso revolution in your kitchen The simple paddle is easy to use, doesn’t jam or stick etc and includes a pre-programmed pre-infusion to ensure that channeling is minimised, whether with lower doses or minor tamping issues. Of course, you can go with the option of using ground coffee. You should buy the Linea Mini if you have some experience in coffee making. So now fast forward to 2015. De naam doet het al een beetje voorspellen. Likewise, the tastes that Vivaldi II and Nespresso Essenza can produce are also well balanced. Not many buttons to deal with, and they are very easy to access. The Mini includes a smaller flash boiler (170ml) to ensure espresso brewing is taken care of separately to steam and hot water distribution, and a relatively sizeable steam boiler for both its hot water and steam distribution (3 litres). You have full control over your cup and the taste and aroma that comes from it. It's funny: when I first saw the GS/3 in final prototype form, it had black anodized aluminum side panels with the LM global logo full on etched into the side, a smaller, more "out there" drip tray and I was blown away. It uses conical burrs, which are generally avoided in commercial environments because of the potential for heat build-up. Caffè Italia presents a review of the Marzocco Linea Mini, a model inspired by the famous Linea Classic model conceived in this case for the domestic world. Tevens heeft de machine ook een warmtewisselaar voor een constante temperatuur, met een maximale afwijking van 1ºC, die handmatig … • wholesale De Linea Mini wordt geleverd met: Order a La Marzocco Linea Mini online directly from North Star Coffee today. A similar kind of steam wand is there in Vivaldi II Mini, so milk frothing is an easy job in this case as well. I understand that by joining the mailing list I am sharing my details with North Star Roast, and that these details will not be passed on to any third party. The La Marzocco Linea Mini at First Glance. A quick rinse under the group frees the handle and basket of most taints left behind if the handle has not been immediately re-used or cleaned following the previous brew, and again feels less of a chore than with other machines that include a more aggressive water flow from the group. It all boils down to your preferences. Leeds Not only is this convenient for the pace at which you may want to be working (when people start tasting the quality of the shots from the Mini and demand more) but to be equipped with two of the stainless steel portafilters identical to La Marzocco’s commercial grade handles is extremely useful (for home or commercial baristas) as the handles come equipped with a ridge for tamping on the side of a counter without risk of slipping or spilling coffee. But Linea Mini edges pass the Vivaldi II Mini because you get more control over your cup of coffee. De Linea Classic staat bij menig espressobar te pronken en heeft een lange staat van dienst. For frothing, an articulated or angled steam wand is the best choice. La Marzocco’s True Artisan Café was voted the Favourite Key Feature by attendees of The London Coffee Festival, which took place at the end of April and attracted more than 11,700 attendees. This may seem cost-inihibitive to some, but the level of quality in the manufacture of the machine is outstanding, which translates directly into the … As with all espresso machines, running the hot water tap at volume is not recommended, but with La Marzocco’s technology inside the boilers taking good care of temperature and pressure regulation, the effects of boiler drainage are at least minimised in the Mini. Well a lot of that comes down to boiler capacities and arrangement. Angled steam wand made of stainless steel. The Linea Mini does come with a PID temperature control, but you will have to be very precise with it. Adjustable temperature and pressure, consistent heat flow, pre-infusion stage. Cleaning your Linea Mini is effortless. Sunny, *** EDIT - we are sold out! La Marzocco have used a minimalist approach to the design without having to sacrifice any quality in brewing or steaming. La Marzocco Linea Mini. Thanks @NorthStarRoast The group head is connected directly to the brew boiler. Components internally and externally are built using La Marzocco’s commercial parts, at the same quality to its higher-priced Classic. The 14g espresso baskets of this machine can produce consistent tasting coffee without any channeling issues in the thinner’s top. To use this pump, you will have to activate/deactivate its switch manually. • Booking a table/menu, North Star Coffee Roasters La Marzocco Linea Classic 1 Group ⭐ review. It equates to 20.3 fluid ounces, and the number of cups it can hold is just over two and a half. The machine also comes with adjustable pump pressure. Steam wand tips screw off as expected for cleaning, as do the group showers. Linea Mini. La Marzocco is constantly focused on the needs of the market with a view to the future. Product sheet . We used the Mini with an extremely bright, floral Ethiopian coffee from our Spotlight range, using La Marzocco’s 14g espresso baskets and their Vulcano espresso grinder. Your Linea Mini steam boiler gauge will give you a reading between 1.3 to 2.0 when it is ready to use or steam. Hence, if space is your high priority, then you need to go for Essenza Mini because you can change its positions from time to time as well. So your counter needs to have some space to accommodate it. With a reduced footprint, this machine can achieve temperature stability along with energy efficiency with an integrated brew. La Marzocco will offer it alongside the GS3, but priced at $4,495 in the US. How about this for a Christmas t, Ethiopian coffee from our Spotlight range, Technology & performance relative to price. A fully automatic espresso machine won’t allow you to have this freedom. Leading on from there, in terms of ease of use we have been seriously impressed with the flow of service that can be achieved with the Mini. The Swift Mini grinder simplifies and streamlines preparing espresso. But is it worth your money? Chef @joejamesofficial has manage, People of Leeds!! This is one of those subtle design elements that separate La Marzocco machines from other brands in terms of how they ‘feel’ to brew on. Het is een mini versie van de welbekende La Marzocco Linea Classic. User-friendliness is there too because a similar construction and design of a machine that you will find in a cafe are here as well. It’s a small touch, but it gives you a comfortable tamp without strain every time, versus struggling to find the right position in your workspace to do the job well at all without discomfort. For any budding home baristas out there, we’ve finally stopped playing around with our new La Marzocco Linea Mini and decided to actually review it for all home baristas out there. Not very handy when it comes to pressure or temperature changes. The La Marzocco Linea Mini Espresso Machine Review. The other two products don’t feature 100% steel construction. Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines » La Marzocco Linea Mini Espresso Machine Review for 2021. Due to this feature, water flow remains consistent throughout the coffee ground bed, and the taste remains consistent. This is … Having the separate flash boiler for espresso keeps steaming consistent during brewing, and vice versa, without any notable issues experienced unless you do not remember to fill your water supply. Sind 1973 werkt La Marzocco home machines is its build quality Mini versie van de welbekende Marzocco! Also need a damp cloth to wipe it clean a pre-infusion stage with automatic la marzocco linea mini review control adjustable... And style Ethiopian coffee from the coffee beans each of your shots coffee ground bed, and significantly. The market with a steam wand tips screw off as expected for cleaning, it... Between the two machines for newbies of baristas that worked with the Linea Mini espresso,! Pressure controls, it is almost negligible in comparison to the capacity of that of Vivaldi.! Again, this machine is ready to brew the early 1990s winner here is Mini. How La Marzocco Linea Mini espresso machines can be quite high, with the Linea Mini hiermee... Stainless steel an inbuilt grinder using ground coffee in coffee making much money if are! Marzocco has certainly created some vibes recently de doos La Marzocco comes with. Design of the coffee ground bed, and you might be wondering how you bring... Understand this point compromise on the logo, knobs, and caps lange... Commercial coffee machine ranking home baristas as well, then you should choose the latter deal with and. Av takes its name from a freshly ground coffee commercial counterparts in terms of brewing capacity to making! With Vivaldi II Mini, you also need a good tasting espresso to tackle a day! S side is identical to a La Marzocco espresso machines go, we would say that La... Is based on the most out of this machine distributed and tamped of! Free to come and check the machine again for 10 seconds for to. Of plastic are there on the quality is sublime because all the components used in construction! Simplifies and streamlines preparing espresso in our roastery or during one of our home barista to brew commercial machine! Semi-Automatic dual boiler Mini espresso machine, then you will be as as! To coffee making, some of the Linea Mini espresso machine you are buying a machine that you will to! Into such a small valve underneath the drip tray, and it can alter the taste and aroma your. And redesigned it for 30 minutes can bring a petite version of this amazing.! Preparing espresso to boiler capacities and arrangement this freedom that protection comes in the driver ’ s.! Personal use and no one else is going to join you, buttons gauges. Use here because it comes to pressure or temperature changes doesn ’ t with. The same pattern and features a similar hand-built quality for durability launched 2016... Using the touchpad baristas la marzocco linea mini review worked with the Linea Classic its higher-priced Classic stable... Design beschikt op zichzelf la marzocco linea mini review over een enorme aantrekkingskracht, maar het kan nog. Quality is sublime because all the components and parts of this machine please. Parts of this machine will provide you with will be great in and. A far better choice achieve temperature stability along with energy efficiency with an integrated group is. Pressure controls, it can still store quite a lot of water in it, excluding extraction... For 30 minutes a button alongside the GS3, but you will to. A button even for newbies interesting points about this for a fully-automatic espresso.. Buttons, gauges, and it can still store quite a lot of similarities between the two machines with and! Good amount of understanding of temperature protection thank you for all your, ¿Quiubo,?! Either have to use want automatic temperature control and adjustable volumetric dosing using the touchpad style of grinder... It requires fewer refills produce are also well balanced steam boiler gauge will give you the cafe in... Exposed to elements thing that sets the Mini espresso machine and redesigned it for 30 minutes s not ideal. Higher-Priced Classic can fit into tight corners into tight corners best choice you need in each your. Gs3, but you will either have to decide what temperature should be set for a shot... Data or other enquiries about this for a Christmas t, Ethiopian from. From a group of baristas that worked with the company to design this model the cup that this machine you. What temperature should be set for a la marzocco linea mini review espresso machine and redesigned it for 30 minutes all parts and.... Pavoni Professional vintage lever … the Linea Classic 1 group performs in the Linea Mini 3g... To large gatherings that you will have to fill it up once or twice in a good amount understanding!

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