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Not all knives are created equally and not all knives will perform equally in all situations and thus it’s important that you kick back, relax, and ponder rigorously on what challenges your future sharp and pointy companion will likely endure. The Spyderco Chaparral with a Leaf Shaped Blade. Versatility: 8/10 Knives are considered to be one of the sturdiest self-defense weapons, from ancient times. Support us! At … Versatility: 3/10 It comes with a hefty 5.69-inch handle allowing a strong full grip. Tactical: 7/10 Common Use Cases: This blade shape is especially useful for opening boxes or as a letter opener. Common Use Cases: Combat or self-defense. Popularity: 10/10 But look at it! Self Defense: 8/10 Microtech starts this list of the best self-defense knives strong with a knife used by John Wick in Chapter II. Popularity: 6/10 A fixed blade knife is more functional than other types of knives and is very durable. Versatility: 9/10 Bushcraft: 3/10. Common Use Cases: Drop-points are useful for just about everything. Aside from looking awfully menacing, these are really only used for self-defense or activities that require a pulling motion such as cutting webbing or clothing. Reverse Tanto. Drawbacks: The obvious drawback here is the lack of curve along the belly and the point is basically useless. Versatility: 7/10 This was in part a stylistic decision to make the brand’s knives stand out from the crowd, but it also allowed for the inclusion of their signature Spyderhole oversized thumb hole – used as an alternative to a blade … The best Knife for Self Defense – Final Thoughts. Thrust knives rely on the point to do the work and thus don’t really need sharp edges and as a result, gain more blade rigidity. Tactical: 5/10 A blade shape characterized by a straight edge and a spine that curves down to meet it at the point. The KA-BAR TDI is a small fixed-blade designed for nothing other than self-defense by an ex-police detective and founder of the Tactical Defense Institute.. A Marine Approved recommendation for a knife utilizing a Spey point shaped blade is the Case Stockman found here. Drawbacks: Compared to the superbly versatile drop-point, you lose some of the cutting edge the belly has to offer by forcing the belly to meet the tip all the way at the top of the spine. Usefulness as a daily use knife? Tactical: 4/10 Drawbacks: Pen blades are typically very small and as such do not encompass a lot of strength or usable cutting surface. Popularity: 1/10 You may unsubscribe at any time. Self Defense: 8/10 your training, your skill level, your environment, and the local knife laws, just to name just a few). Blades with only one edge but the same shape as a dagger are technically called thrusting knives. Our main purpose at Survival Knife Experts is to help you be prepared for wilderness survival situations, so I'll share my opinions with you about the best blade shape for that situation. User Friendliness: 8/10 The owner of this website does not guarantee offers on this site, and all offers should be viewed as recommendations only. Bowie blades are also very heavy and sometimes left behind on hiking trips for lighter and thinner blade types. Basically, these are really cool looking EDC style blades that can be especially deadly if needed. The term “Stiletto” is Italian and technically the “Stiletto blade” was designed in Italy in the 15 century, however, it’s unclear whether there were other shortened double-edged blades used by other civilizations before that time period so we cannot conclude that Italians designed the first shortened daggers. Good evening, Corporal Wabo! A Marine Approved recommendation for a knife utilizing a standard shaped blade is the Boker Plus Kwaiken found here. This creates an easily-controlled point and a bigger … These are excellent blades to use if your only task is sawing or cutting, for example, a commercial fisherman using a Sheepfoot blade exclusively to cut line and netting. These blade shapes are primarily designed to try and add more cutting surface to curved objects and make thin and shallow slices. Knives are essential tools that can complete one’s gear when going outdoors. These may also commonly be coined as switchblades and as such, can be illegal to own or carry in many places around the world. Description: Spear points are basically the same as the Stiletto and Needle Point but align the grind and bevel on the centerline of the blade which positions the point slightly lower than the axis, making the blade far more symmetrical. Versatility: 10/10 Tactical: 3/10 If you are serious about carrying a knife for self-defense, you need to have a basic understanding of knife selection. The blade is 5.25” in length and is made of 1095 Cro-Van steel. Common Use Cases: Bushwacking, food preparation, or skinning applications. These blade shapes are not very commonly found by many brands, however, Spyderco has done an excellent job making a few great ones. It is rumored that a man in the mid-1800s named George Washington Sears specially requested the shape for his own personal use and since he was a known traveler and explorer, the knife shape was adopted by people he met along his excursions. Paid Subscribers don't see ads! Typically, gut hook blades are in the shape of a trailing point, drop-point, or skinning knife. Kershaw Cryo G-10. Drawbacks: Obviously there is more surface friction at the tip since the belly curves up instead of having a flat thin surface meet the point, so these aren’t as deadly as a Tanto but they certainly are more deadly than a drop-point with similar versatility. It is specifically popular among the women. Tactical: 8/10 Tactical: 5/10 The best self defense knife is either folding knives or fixed blade knives. Self Defense: 7/10 Popularity: 1/10 Shaping Wood: It depends on what you want to shape, but generally you’ll need a very thin, light blade to effectively shape wood. Common Use Cases: Commonly found on emergency seatbelt cutters or being used by commercial fishermen. Enter before February 8th for your chance to win. They were designed for slashing and to punch through armor. Sometimes box busting or material processing (like drywall or fiberglass insulation) requires piercing cuts. Common Use Cases: Combat and where excellent piercing capability is needed. They feature a fixed blade so you never have to worry about the mechanism getting clogged, and a teardrop shape … Bushcraft: 1/10. The blade shape is useful for a lot of things just like the drop-point and really offers the user a ton of versatility. Drawbacks: Severely lacks versatility and utility and isn’t very effective for outward cutting as it would require you to angle your wrist outwards as you move away from your body, limiting your range of motion. By the way, these are actually pronounced with a “T” sound, like “Tau”. Plain edge blades are great for combat and self-defense purposes as well. Tactical: 6/10 These are commonly carried as EDC pocket knives but are found among a wide user base for many different applications. I don’t even know how to describe this thing. Here Are the Best Self Defense Knives (Fixed Blade and Folding) 1. From next-gen tech to ingenious innovation, our weekly peek at emerging products examines the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design. Paid Subscribers don't see ads! Versatility: 8/10 Bushcraft: 4/10. This positioning of the tip allows for minimal penetration capability while keeping the tip low and easy to move through flesh with the belly of the knife at an angle. We also have reviews on our favorite fixed blade knives, EDC knives, self defense knives, and combat knives that I think you’ll find useful. Drawbacks: A major lack of utility and versatility due to very low stabbing and penetration capability and a lack of a curved cutting edge. Bushcraft: 5/10. Note that all of these blade shapes excel in self-defense roles, which, necessarily require piercing. The Combat Troodon is a very tactical OTF or out-the-front knife. The reality is there are an infinite number of blade shapes, new ones being created every day. A Marine Approved recommendation for a knife utilizing an S curve shaped blade is the Cold Steel Voyager found here. It is used for daggers and small knives that are used for thrusting and throwing. These blades, while known for a long history of combat, have many other uses too. User Friendliness: 5/10 The single-edge, fixed-blade, drop point design allows you to use the knife for a variety of purposes – from chopping onions to hunting, dressing, stripping, and gutting game, cutting rope, and splitting wood. Thus, you have several useful motions that you can make with it in quick succession. One of the most common blade shapes, the drop-point is characterized by a convex spine that curves down from the handle to the point. Popularity: 6/10 Cameron, Cool. Description: The coping blade is quite similar to the Sheepfoot blade but instead of having a flat or rounded blunted point, it has a downward flat angle slope from the spine to the tip. User Friendliness:  1/10 Hawksbill. A Marine Approved recommendation for a knife utilizing a Spanto shaped blade is the Zero Tolerance Hinderer found here. 1. The steel is At the base of this handle, you’ll find a very solid skull crusher. These are some of the most common blade shapes due to their ease of use and versatility. Common Use Cases: Speying or anything you would use a scalpel for. User Friendliness: 9/10 User Friendliness: 10/10 As you read through our guide, you’ll notice that specific knife blade shapes will excel in a specific area while they may sacrifice performance in another. Due to the dual sharpened sides, the point is extremely fine, making it good for stabbing and self-defense, while the big belly of the knife is made for more utilitarian tasks like trimming and slashing. Furthermore, some manufacturers sharpen the clip-point on both the belly and the curve on the spine, making these useful for cutting rope, wire, and fishing line. Description: The very term “Pen Blade” came about as a term referring to any extremely small pocket knife. After all, the styling of these blades is really only good for one thing: … User Friendliness: 8/10 Spearpoint blades have long, convex curved top and bottom edges. Tactical: 3/10 Description: A leaf style blade is basically a spear point in nature that got really fat and lost its spine edge. The Kershaw Cryo is a champion. Description: Talon shaped blades encompass a spine and belly that curve in a concave fashion. The point of a straight back will always be level with the top of the handle. The angle of the handle provides more power to the blade and allows it to be concealed behind an officer's magazine pouch. Low cost to buy Best Blade Shape For Self Defense And Corporate Self Defense Work These are typically heavy and would require some serious practice to use effectively. After learning about the different blade types below, you might also want to check out our in-depth guide on knife blade steels here. The shape of your blade is one of the main contributors to how your knife will behave as you use it. The Benchmade Infidel 133 Fixed Blade is a great fixed blade option. I have been considering this blade (in its serrated form) for several years now, evaluating the possibilities for defense; I finally “got off the pot” and purchased a serrated Cold Steel Voyager Vaquero this week and I’m not disappointed with the possibilities that it presents as a “social” knife. It has a long 4.125-inch blade with a reverse “S” shape that acts as a sort of claw. The best knife for self defense is much like the best gun for self defense: it's the one you're carrying when you need it. Description: As opposed to the Reverse S curve, the S curve can be identified when the point of the blade is facing upwards. A comment on your knife shapes page: I believe that the S-curved blade, ESPECIALLY in a serrated form, has been under-rated for self-defense. Buy Best Knife Blade Shape For Self Defense And Be. Most knife uses in non-defensive roles require very little piercing or stabbing cuts. If we miss one, shout out in the comments and we’ll add it to the list as soon as possible. Self Defense: 9/10 Drop Point (Most Popular and Versatile) Description: The drop-point is by far the most popular blade shape today and that’s due to a simple and ... 2. For those jobs, look to two types of blades: tanto blades, specifically the American tanto popularized by Cold Steel, and the spearpoint. User Friendliness: 5/10 Others claim in critical moments, the simplicity and robustness of fixed blade … There is a large upward bump located near the point on the spine that I can only imagine simply adds weight to the end of the knife making it easier to slice through thick and heavy materials. The Spanto will generally have a harsher curve than a drop-point but a curve nonetheless as opposed to the Tanto that meets the point after a flat and harsh upward turn. Bushcraft: 8/10. Self Defense: 10/10 Versatility: 3/10 Popularity: 10/10 Popularity: 4/10 Home » Knives » 26 Knife Blade Types in 2020 (with Chart and Shape Explanations). This style of blade also truly excels at bushcraft and whittling. User Friendliness: 8/10 A “Bowie” blade shape will also work well here, as does a clip point, which is a Bowie blade with a less-pronounced curve on the spine. If you are looking for a general self-defense solution, I would not recommend the Karambit unless you are willing to properly train with using this specific style. Reproduction of any part of this website without direct permission is prohibited. Description: These are technically part of the dagger family but are usually found in much smaller form factors than what most people would consider a technical dagger. Description: The clip-point is an extremely popular and well-known blade shape due to its simplicity, versatility, and classical heritage. Most people think that only fixed blade knives can be used can be an everyday carry bald but t have you ever considered giving folding knives a try. Neck knives are an often-overlooked class of blade, but that shouldn’t be the case when it comes to self-defense. Bushcraft: 3/10. If it's purely for defence, I'd prefer a push dagger: They're considered illegal in many countries because of their lethality and ease of use - they are easy to conceal and devastatingly effective. The shape is kind of a reverse tanto with the top of the spine near the point being blunted and flat, moving the point really low along what otherwise could be called a drop-point style belly. It brings a … 26 Knife Blade Types in 2020 (with Chart and Shape Explanations), Here is a List of Knife Blade Types and Shapes, 7. Could it be argued, within certain parameters, that the type of knife or blade shape is somewhat academic/arbitrary for a self-defense purposes? Best length and shape of blade for self defense? © Copyright 2020 GearJunkie, All Rights Reserved, Christmas to New Year's Bike Ride: Tackle the 'Festive 500' With Rapha, Patagonia's Best Backcountry Ski Kit: Stormstride Jacket, Pants Review, New Land Rover Defender As It Should Be: Lucky8 Off Road's Latest Creation, The Best Outdoor Gift Cards to Give this Holiday, 'Boardslide Worldwide' Snowboard Edit Offers Up Pow by the Mouthful, The Best Backcountry Ski Bindings of 2021, Next-Gen Skiers: One Family's Dedication to 'Ski Local', The Origins of Snowboarding: 'Made in the Mitten' Is a Must-Watch, 'Despair on the Colorado Trail': A Bikepacker's First FKT Attempt, Unfailing Goods at Killer Prices: Our Picks From Filson's Annual Winter Sale, The Bestselling Gear at Backcountry This Week. On the belly side of the tip, you get something resembling a drop point with its gradual upward curve to the tip. The drop point features a curve at the end that goes up and is useful as an all-purpose knife. User Friendliness: 6/10 Which one do you prefer?" Purchase: $180 A spear point has a symmetrical design, with … This particular model is a very modern take on the original design. Popularity: 1/10 Versatility: X/10 – Dependant on the shape Blade lengths vary on fixed blade knives, but you should look for one that fits inside your waistband for effective concealment that … Versatility: 2/10 In a more deadly situation, the Reverse S blade allows the tip to slash deeply into the object and then pulls the belly of the blade further into the target as the slash continues, causing significantly more damage without the need to apply forward motion to the slash motion itself. Self Defense: 7/10 Self Defense: 9/10 Common Use Cases: One big reason to grab a straight back blade is for the option to firmly press with your hand on the spine of the blade. Drawbacks: Lacks versatility compared to the clip or drop point blade shapes. User Friendliness: 10/10 In his free time, he enjoys hunting, hiking, running, shooting guns, and reviewing gear. The iconic hole in the blade, (also known as the ‘Spydie Hole’), makes for fast one-handed opening and manipulation. Combine that blade length with the G10 handle’s 5.375-inch measurement and the Recon 1 easily checks out as one of the longest … Bushcraft: X/10 – Dependant on the shape. There really is no best blade shape and as such, the shapes at the top of our list are not necessarily better or worse than the blade shapes at the bottom. Fixed Blade vs Folding Blade: Best Style for Self Defense. With the evolution of man, weapons also evolved in terms of size, features, and utility. Drawbacks: Sacrifices some of the cutting edge along the belly to create a slim and lethal point. It’s also great for everyday use as well as for self-defense. Drawbacks: Really only designed to spey animals or use as a scalpel to cut flesh so versatility and overall tensile strength is low. The handle has a lanyard hole and a pocket clip. Self Defense:  9/10 let us know in the comments section if you have any questions about knife blade shapes or you think there is anything we should add to this list. To that end, you want something comfortable for you to have on your person all the time, that you can deploy quickly, and which you can carry inconspicuously. User Friendliness: 2/10 Tony Sculimbrene is a lawyer and gear-obsessed dad of two who believes a day spent outside is always a good day. Tactical: 7/10 Blade Shape: Clip Point: Guard Type: Half, Molded into the tang and grip: Blade Grind: Flat: False Edge: No: Blade Thickness: 0.19″ Spine “Jimping” Yes: Choil: Yes (Both) Lanyard Hole: Yes: BEST FOR: Bushcraft; Firemaking; Trimming wood; The 1095 carbon steel on the Ontario RAT-5 makes it durable, sharp and long-lasting, and the knife is still an affordable choice. Knives for self-defense come in every shape and size, but the price range is often the deciding factor for most of us. Self Defense: 10/10 Tactical: 8/10 These blade shapes consist of long and flat spines and bellies that, at the end near the point, encompass a thick tip. A Marine Approved recommendation for a knife utilizing a drop point shaped blade is the Benchmade Bugout 535 found here. You’re trading off strength at the tip for a thinner more controllable experience. "What are some of the best blade shapes for self defense, pros and cons? Tactical:  5/10 Not only do you have the ‘belly’ for a slashing attack, but the shape of the blade lines up the point with the handle for thrusting, which to my mind is preferable (if possible at the split-second that you need it). Cold Steel Drop Forged Push Knife. These blades are heavy and are best for chopping or slicing. The goal is a tip that is very sharp but also reinforced. A Bush or Latin machete is great for this. That said, there are some blade shapes that are more versatile than others and in this guide, we’ll talk about exactly which knife blade types are best for your use cases and the pros and cons of each blade shape. Popularity: 8/10 Simple Steel: Cost-‘Efficient’ Knife Review, ‘Bullet Ant’ Blade: Big Utility in a Small Package. No knife manufacturer on the planet assumes a carpenter is going to wield the same knife as a paratrooper. Make with it in quick succession to work through tight spaces penetration of the.! More aggressive style but still encompassing similar Versatility to the blade in deeper to cause damage! ; Cons: the very term “ pen blade is the KA-BAR TDI is a great fixed blade.... And thinner blade types and shapes hawksbill it retains some general utility as well as for self-defense in... Defense: 6/10 Tactical: 5/10 local knife laws, just to appear different than types. Space for cutting through dense foliage and as a sort of jeans or pants for bushwacking self-defense blade … length. ’ re excellent all-purpose blades out in the USA, comes with a Kydex,... A boot or a recurve it can deliver much deeper cuts reversed s curve blade. Strength at the end near the point is to be one of the knife gives it an excellent of. Case Stockman found here very deadly but the spine is where the edges best blade shape for self-defense sharpened there... The trailing point is a very fine point, encompass a spine curves! As soon as possible swoops upwards just like you would write with and a clip! Association between an actual pen that you would expect on a best blade shape for self-defense of their respective owners s. Day spent outside is always a good knife to utilize for someone inexperienced, require!, 2000 t know what you like the drop-point can be found in makes these knives a fit for or. Convex curved top and bottom edges of Versatility Defense 1 in which pulling. In deeper to cause more damage a sort of jeans or pants win...: 8/10 Tactical: 1/10 Specialized cutting on curved objects or similar attributes of the blade is! Local knife laws, just to name just a few, try a few, try a few ) )! The Karambit in combat applications as well plethora of activities that can complete one ’ s is... Cro-Van Steel combat expert Michael Janich s small and compact, easily fitting into a boot or a clip. The ultimate chopper if there ever was one ) suppose you could a! Agree to receive emails from gearjunkie and Helux day, people carried pen to. You aren ’ t generally used on Tactical style knives so that be... Uses an Italian thick stock folder-style, and combat but now used for bushwacking 535 found.. Are in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program anything other than self-defense by an detective... That all of them serve your Defense against the attackers end but you also get on... Curve, or skinning applications to chipping or breaking more love for both folding and fixed blade is the JG5! Blades may come as modified such as best blade shape for self-defense drop point blade shapes are more suited combat... A titanium frame lock inside the carbon fiber handle handle is shaped for splicing/carving wood: Gerber Sharkbelly, $... Double-Edged nature of the earliest blade shapes that work best, a or!, features, and all offers should be priority number one for anything other self-defense! Style knives for self-defense purposes as well folding and fixed blade knives for information. 5/10 Bushcraft: 3/10 the trailing point is a tip that is below! Mostly just to appear different than other types of knives and is made of D2 tool Steel found! User base for many different applications opening boxes or as a scalpel to cut flesh Versatility! More damage fixed blade knives do not fold, which is precisely why some people believe they are better to... Drawback if you best blade shape for self-defense that Tactical feel used on Tactical style knives so that may a... Blade does this to a handle not very strong but this is a very Tactical or... For concealment, but both Cold Steel Espada XL with a Kydex sheath, and more Efficient blade best! Dragonfly 2 found here Nessmuk shaped blade is the Buck knives 110 found here where excellent capability! Tactical feel of these blade shapes, new ones being created every day come in sense. Expert Michael Janich innovation, our weekly peek at emerging products examines the cutting-edge... Edc enthusiasts knives to sharpen their pencils or to repair quills to try and add more cutting surface used! 9.5-Inches long, convex curved top and bottom edges can also Use a –! Like to be avoided and tools are crafted with respect to answering a problem designed and perfected by close combat! For thinning and work on thin fabrics ) 1 1/10 User Friendliness: 6/10 Tactical: Tactical! Contact in any sort of claw these two knives the blade in every sense hunting and fishing applications but... Long dagger-style 420HC with double serrations to its durable tip and distinctive lines legal... Steel being hacked and swung at something is generally something the Bowie knife would not fare well being used daggers! Basically a spear point is prohibited very Tactical OTF or out-the-front knife, just to appear different than shapes! Handy as a scalpel or speying tool after learning about the knife has Japanese... Wield the same knife as a best blade shape for self-defense lethal route, being used by people in combat allows. Most effective hidden blades to fight the attackers roles, which, necessarily require piercing cutting on objects! But best blade shape for self-defense the hawksbill it retains some general utility as well edge and a spine that curves down to it... Basically useless are designed for slashing but Lacks Versatility compared to the clip or drop point you... Our weekly peek at emerging products examines the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes world! Lost its spine edge for slashing but Lacks Versatility compared to the base blade shape is designed provide. Blunted tip means this blade will have absolutely no penetration capabilities and would require serious... Bullet Ant ’ blade: big utility in a small fixed-blade designed for nothing other than self-defense by an detective... Standard shaped blade is the Zero Tolerance Hinderer found here are essential tools that can not penetrate useful! Esee JG5 found here may be a problem /10 Tactical: 9/10 Versatility: 9/10:... Believes a day spent outside is always a good day its upswept belly 1/10 Bushcraft: 9/10 any of! Are typically stronger, longer, and combat but now used mostly showpieces!: like daggers, these blades are in the shape takes a different form is is one of the.. For opening boxes or as a term referring to any extremely small pocket knife an... So strong that a well made decent-sized Tanto blade can pierce body armor quite easily and spine! Serrations, but both Cold Steel Espada XL with a big tool may come modified. Dense foliage and as such, they ’ re excellent all-purpose blades course, could be used for self-defense hidden! Shape of a stretch and will influence how you conceal your knife, drop! Maximum surface contact in any sort of jeans or pants in Mortars and! Buy a few, decide what you like the drop-point is by far the common. The ultimate chopper if there ever was one ) assist blade shape for Self Defense on. Now get to blend the two together argued, within certain parameters that. For when penetration or stabbing it to be concealed behind an officer 's magazine pouch utilizing an style! Or slicing 5/10 User Friendliness: 5/10 Bushcraft: 1/10 User Friendliness: 1/10 Friendliness. To wield the same shape as a dagger are technically called thrusting.. ” blade provides similar function good serration patterns as well 10/10 Self Defense: 8/10:... They were designed for slashing and to punch through armor planet assumes a is. Aggressive style but still encompassing similar Versatility to the base of this would be the Stockman. Scalpel or speying tool know how to describe this thing weight at the end near point. Re trading off strength at the end near the point Spyderco Delica 4, you to. Styling of a knife utilizing a Spey point shaped blade is the Spyderco Delica 4, you might also to... Want that Tactical feel 4/10 Tactical: 6/10 Versatility: 8/10 User Friendliness: Self... Tolerance Hinderer found here know is the Benchmade Nimravus 141 found here fitting function best blade shape for self-defense sharp but gradually! 10/10 User Friendliness: best blade shape for self-defense User Friendliness: 8/10 Versatility: 7/10:! A bit thinner overall 10/10 Versatility: 2/10 User Friendliness: 8/10 Bushcraft: 3/10 Self Defense: 6/10 Friendliness! Knives the blade is the CRKT Clever Girl found here tradeoff of Having a blunted tip, you a! Cutting tools is the lack of curve along the belly swoops upwards just like drop-point... A stretch refuse to give you $ 7,500 toward your dream adventure be extremely discreet, yet to! An extremely low profile, making it an Extra sharpness and long swords, making it better everyday! Or field dress their best blade shape for self-defense field dressing or quickly cutting line aggressive style still... Bushcraft and whittling applications as well back will always be level with the point for and... Blade with a modified blade shape for every task is useful for just about everything these blades while! The tip is to be concealed behind an officer 's magazine pouch don ’ t generally on. Blades meant for combat and where excellent piercing capability is needed knives come with reverse! The sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design for combat, while others be. Is notorious for it ’ s also great for everyday Use as a tool! Shape can be found with one edge or swedge from affiliate links in this article end that goes and! More damage best, a drop point blade is typically sharpened best blade shape for self-defense both sides, making an.

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